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Why cruising is perfect for solo travellers

Go alone and go in style

Solo traveller admiring the city

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01 Feb 2019

Solo travel has become one of the new norms, and more people than ever are packing up and deciding to explore the world independently. Cruising is the perfect way for solo explorers to travel, allowing you easy transportation, a safe and secure environment, new people to meet and a new destination every day, what’s not to love?

In this article, we look at some of the reasons why cruising is perfect for solo travellers, as well as talking to some experts who can tell us a bit more about why solo travel is so rewarding.

Why is cruising perfect for solo travellers?

Man looking at sea from cruise ship


You don’t need to worry about transport

One of the best things about cruising is that you don’t need to work out the logistics of getting from one location to another. Often, the combination of flying and travelling to your accommodation that can cause the biggest anxiety for solo travellers. Especially if you want to visit multiple places on one trip. Cruising takes this stress away completely, once you’re on the ship you can unpack in your room and know that all of your transport is taken care of for the rest of the trip.

It’s a great way to meet new people

Thanks to the nature of cruising, you are guaranteed to meet similar travellers whilst on board your ship. By taking part in onboard activities, you’ll be able to mingle in no time and make some great travelling companions. If you’d rather stay independent, it’s easy to do that too, and with so much to do, every hour of your day will be filled with excitement.

You can explore with the cruise lines selection of shore excursions

If you’re worried about exploring a new city by yourself, you don’t need to be. The cruise lines great range of shore excursions means at every port you’ll be able to follow a qualified and knowledgeable guide and explore with a group.

You can decide exactly what you do

As with every holiday, there is so much to do, and that doesn’t change on a cruise. Being independent means you are able to do whatever you want for every second of your holiday. Want to lie in and enjoy the view from your bed? Go ahead! Want to get up early and take a dip in the pool? Do it! Want to spend your day on the ship instead of exploring the port? You do you! With no one to dictate your holiday, you can spend it exactly how you want.

Talking to solo travellers about their experiences

As well as listing the benefits, we wanted to speak to solo travellers and industry professionals to find out their advice, experiences and more.

Sage- Everyday Wanderer

Sage- Everyday Wanderer ROL Cruise header


We spoke to Sage, a keen traveller and blogger at Everyday Wanderer. After spending her childhood growing up all over the United States and Europe, Sage fell in love with travel and has passed that love on to her children. We asked Sage why she believes people should travel alone: “There are hundreds of articles touting the reasons you should travel alone. At least once. Especially if you’re female.”



A post shared by Everyday Wanderer (@shutterbugsage) on

“Regardless of who you ask, the benefits of solo travel consistently include building confidence, feeling empowered, and meeting new friends. But as a midlife traveller and single mother, I already feel independent, and I know I can manage whatever life throws my way. What I don’t have is deliciously selfish “me time,” and this is what makes travelling solo so rewarding.” Sage then offered some advice for someone who has never solo travelled before: “Although becoming a mother is a sisterhood of sorts, each woman has her own experience bringing her one-of-a-kind child into this world. Travelling solo is no different. While each of us can be enriched by travel, no two people will have the exact same adventure. They will observe and interpret each destination or activity in their own way. So, when you travel alone, embrace who you are and expect your experience to be as unique as you are!”

Gemma- Girls That Travel

Gemma- Girls That Travel ROL Cruise header


Gemma started solo travel at the age of 12 when she would journey to Newcastle by herself for the day. That passion for independent exploration has continued, and she now runs Girls That Travel which aims to offer travel advice to girls looking to solo travel.



A post shared by Gemma Thompson (@girlsthattravelofficial) on

We asked Gemma why she believes solo travel is so rewarding: “Solo travel is rewarding in so many ways. For one, it's empowering. You find yourself having to rely 100% on you. You make all of the decisions and are in charge of all of the planning. When we're with others, we tend to lean on each other a lot. Being on your own forces you out of your comfort zone and you're more likely to take part in activities or chat to people that you otherwise wouldn't. You never know what you might end up doing; surfing in Lisbon or practising your French in Paris. Another benefit is having time to yourself, so you can do exactly what you please. I think it's important, if not essential, to spend time alone, to give yourself some quiet time, away from the daily noise of everyday life.” Gemma then gave us some pearls of wisdom for anyone who has never solo travelled before: “Don't overthink it but do think about what kind of trip you would like to take. What are you looking to get out of it? Do you need some downtime? Or are you yearning to try something new, or even practice your language skills? Once you know what kind of trip it is that you need, book it. Once the trip has been booked it feels real. I still get anxious before every solo trip, but now I recognise this as part of the journey, and the nerves always disappear when I arrive.”

Suzanne- Phila Travel Girl

Suzanne- Phila Travel Guide ROL Cruise header


We spoke to Suzanne, blogger at Phila Travel Girl. Suzanne became a solo traveller after being abandoned in Paris on Valentine’s Day. We asked her about her first solo cruise: “My first solo cruise was to the Baltics (my friend cancelled, and I needed a holiday). It wasn’t the “Love Boat” I imagined but rather a ship full of interesting travellers all keen to explore the world. Everyone has a story to share and by the end of the cruise you’ll likely have a plethora of new friends.”



A post shared by PhilaTravelGirl (@philatravelgirl) on

Suzanne then told us why solo cruising is such a good experience: “All of the travel stress melts on a cruise. You don’t worry about finding food – it’s always available. You don’t need to take a train, plane or cab to the next destination. You unpack once. You choose to be social or not (chances are high that you will be adopted by other travellers especially if you are good at trivia). You can lounge at the pool, attend an educational seminar or eat dessert all day. Your cruise holiday is as individual as you are –it allows you to be who you are, experience what you want and be entertained along the way. Cruising lets me hit reset to recharge my mind, body and spirit with new destinations to explore.”

Adam- Cruise Critic

Adam- Cruise Critic ROL Cruise Header


We spoke to Adam Coulter, the UK Managing Editor of Cruise Critic to get his professional opinion on this. Adam told us why cruising is a great option for solo travellers: “Cruising is a great way for solo travellers to meet new people and see a number of destinations all in one trip. With more Brits deciding to cruise alone, cruise lines have responded accordingly by increasing numbers of priced-for-one solo cruise cabins on both new and reconfigured ships, which means a wider choice for all holidaymakers travelling alone.”

 Adam then spoke to us about what perks solo travellers can expect when going on a solo cruise: “Today, solo cruisers can expect tailored activity programmes, dedicated cocktail parties for mingling, and dining companions hand-picked for compatibility. There are also lots of opportunities to be sociable, with classes, seminars and shore excursions.”


So now all there is to do is check out our solo travel cruise deals and work out where you’ll go.

Why cruising is perfect for solo travellers | ROL Cruise

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