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Bloggers pick their favourite travel destinations

Find out where the travel experts are spending their next holidays.

Barcelona, Spain

Posted on

15 Nov 2017

It is always difficult deciding where you want to go on your next cruise holiday. Do you want to have a culture-rich break, wandering cobbled streets and exploring museums? Perhaps you are after somewhere to kick back and soak up the sun with some delicious local cuisine. A cruise can give you the best of both worlds, as you tour the globe.

We have spoken to a selection of brilliant travel writers who have revealed their favourite travel destination. Will any of these influence you before you book your holiday?

Norwegian Fjords

Norwegian Fjords

The Norwegian fjords was chosen as Nell Heshram’s favourite cruise holiday destination. The creator of The Pigeon Pair and Me, a family travel and kids’ culture blog, explained her choice:

“The Norwegian fjords would be my dream cruise destination. I’ve been to the area north of Bergen before, but those ancient saltwater channels cry out for a second visit. Nothing beats sailing past banks lined with pretty Scandinavian fishing huts, which in days gone by saw Vikings, sailing out into the world.”

Even for seasoned traveller like Nell, the sheer natural beauty of the fjords can catch you by surprise. Deep blue fjords are shouldered by magnificent waterfalls, snow-capped mountains and thick forests. These natural wonders were created by a succession of ice ages and haven’t changed in the thousands of years since.

But don’t feel confined to your cruise ship. These areas offer some of the most fertile soil, meaning that the local produce here is beyond compare. Apples, wild game, fish, cherries and strawberries are all in abundance and are readily available in local restaurants or at small markets.

Popular stops on a Norwegian Fjords cruise include Bergen and Flåm, while you can include Oslo and other Baltic cities.

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Cozumel, Mexico


Despite having visited Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Tanzania and many other countries, Ari from Beyond Blighty told us that Mexico was her favourite destination. One for adventure, the Central American country appealed to her for its array of activities and stunning geography:

“My favourite travel destination is Mexico. As an avid scuba diver, I think it's incredible that you can experience both the second biggest coral reef and a maze of underground rivers and caves in the same day. With plenty of Mesoamerican ruins and colonial towns to explore, and a wealth of beaches, jungles, canyons and waterfalls, it has to be one of the most beautiful, diverse and exciting countries in the world.”


If, like Ari, you want to explore what Mexico has to offer beneath the waves, then head to Cozumel. The stunning island is known the world around for its wonderful diving, it isn’t too shabby on land either. Check out the island’s gorgeous reef system which has enticed snorkelers and divers to the area for more than sixty years.


Mexico has long since been a popular destination for travellers from the United States to catch some vitamin D. But surprisingly, Huatulco is relatively undiscovered by the Americans. You might wonder why this is surprising, but you won’t be when you visit. Take your pick from the nine bays and 36 sandy beaches to enjoy beneath the 330 days of sunshine a year.

Cabo San Lucas

In need of a little R&R? Cabo San Lucas, one of the most tranquil destinations available to you, is adored by travellers and holiday makers for its stunning beaches and delicious food. You can soak up the ample sun on the soft sand, or head inland for some adventure activities.

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Tokyo, Japan


"My favourite place to travel is Japan, hands down,” said Robert Schrader from Leave your Daily Hell. “The country effortlessly combines ancient with modern and urban with rural, and offers an array of attractions, a tapestry of landscapes and a cultural legacy unlike anywhere else in the world. Combine this with the ease of traveling there and the incredibly high level of personal safety and you have a solo traveller’s dream." 

And we couldn’t agree more. Japan has one of the richest and oldest cultures on the planet, with its influence stretching to every corner of the world. Head to the pioneering city of Tokyo, or venture to the more remote and spiritual towns and cities like Kyoto to have an authentic experience of one of the friendliest, cleanest and most cutting edge countries in the world.


Japan’s capital is a metropolis of sci-fi like design and innovation. It is a hub for shopping, entertainment and culture, with each district offering its own individual style. Take a walk through the historic temples and their gardens, or visit some of the most individual museums anywhere in the world.

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Phuket, Thailand


An ever popular honeymoon destination, Thailand appeals to those after pristine beaches, stunning landscapes and bustling cities. Lucy Ruthnum, a journalist, freelance writer and blogger at Absolutely Lucy picked out this South East Asian country as her favourite travel destination:

“Fave traveling destination has to be Thailand - the combination of amazing food, incredible culture, history and heritage, plus the spiritual effect the country had on me during my three months there really stayed with me a lot longer than any other place. Thailand is more than just partying on the beaches - it's a vibrant and diverse culture from the mountains to the jungle.”


One of Thailand’s most popular destinations, Phuket is a beach lovers’ paradise. Crystal clear waters lap the islands and white shores. No matter your budget, Phuket can be enjoyed by those counting their pounds or anyone willing to splash the cash. Local restaurants serve up phenomenally fresh seafood, while the selection of activities like scuba diving is enough to keep anyone entertained.


The Thai capital is completely unforgettable. Culture, history and cutting edge developments come together beautifully. Take a rickshaw around town and sample some of the popular street food, visit the iconic Buddhist temples or visit the Grand Palace, once home to Thailand’s ruling family.

Bangkok has character. It is chaotic and often crowded, but the personality of the city and the people who call it home shine through. The longer you spend here the more you will grow to love it, with more and more hidden gems being revealed by the day.

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Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands

Remote, wild and fascinating, the Galapagos Islands have attracted travellers for years, thanks to their incredible biodiversity. One such person is Jacob Fu, co-creator of Local Adventurer: “One of our favourite destinations so far is the Galapagos Islands. Seeing giant tortoises, marine iguanas, and blue-footed boobies living in dramatic and beautiful landscapes is hard to beat. During our trip there, we flew to each island, but we hope to visit again to explore via cruise and see some of the islands we didn't get to.”

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The token luxury holiday location, few places on Earth can compare with Hawaii. Its many appeals make it the favourite destination of seasoned traveller Johnny from Johnny Jet: “It’s a difficult question since there’s a lot of variables like time of year, who I am traveling with and so on. However, at this moment my favourite place to travel with my family is Hawaii since it’s so relaxing, warm, beautiful, has a lot to do, see, eat and the locals are friendly.”

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Lisbon, Portugal and Barcelona, Spain

Lisbon and Barcelona

It is such a difficult question that Melvin from the brilliant social travel platform Travel Dudes couldn’t pick just one:

“My favourite travel destination? The world is full with exciting and wonderful destinations. There are so many, that it's hard to only choose one and that's why I will choose two. And both are wonderful cruise destinations as well: Lisbon and Barcelona.”

“Lisbon and Barcelona are a bit similar and still so different. Both cities are major cities in their countries Spain and Portugal and both are positioned right at the sea, one on the Atlantic and one ‘around the corner’ in the Mediterranean Sea. Both cities have lots of sights to offer like the La Sagrada Familia and the Gothic quarter in Barcelona or the Bairro Alto and the Castelo de Sao Jorge in Lisbon. Then there is so much good food to try and both cities offer lots of nightlife. You can explore both cities easily on foot, if you don't mind walking a bit, but it's also worth to join a tour where you see all the highlights in a shorter time. I've been to both cities and would not be able to choose one in front of the other. That's why I would recommend you to visit them both and I'm sure you won't regret it.”

Are you inspired by some of these bloggers’ favourite travel destinations? Then check out the latest cruise offers to book the holiday of your dreams.

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