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2023 cruise destinations

These 6 cruise destinations will banish your New Year blues

Expel your winter blues with these 6 cruise destinations in 2023

Published on 06 Jan 2023

Once the excitement of Christmas and New Year has come and gone, the January blues can quickly set in. The prospect of a new year can be daunting, and without any cruises to look forward to, how can you expect to expel your winter blues? Luckily, the world is your oyster and one of these 6 cruise destinations is certain to banish your new year blues: 

Quebéc City


Eclectic Quebéc City has an undercurrent of soul running through its streets, culture and locals. “What does that mean?” you might ask. Well, as one of North America’s oldest and most magnificent settlements, it is absolutely heaped in history with the quaint Old Town a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is simply a living, breathing museum. The Château Frontenac overlooks 17th and 18th-century architecture, the St. Lawrence River flows proudly through the city and the Terrasse Dufferin - a beautiful terrace built in 1879 - provides exceptional walks. But that’s not all, a lively and thrilling lifestyle runs through the veins of this destination and you’re likely to see acrobats, musicians and actors around every corner. What more could you want as a pick-me-up after the New Year’s festivities? 



Havana has held onto its colonial heritage longer than any other city in the Caribbean and thus, has a unique charm. The Cuban capital is absolutely packed with character and charm and, upon arrival, you’d be hard-pushed to find something that doesn’t appeal. From the quirky 1950s cars that rumble down the streets to the stunning Catedral de San Cristóbal; to Old Havana, which exudes an irresistible aura of yesteryear and the historic Museo de la Revolución - whatever you desire from this capital, it will surely deliver. 



Reykjavík is the land of fire and ice and if that doesn’t stir the explorer in you, we don’t know what will. The beauty of this capital is bound to take your breath away as its geothermal wonders create some of the most dramatic natural spectacles on Earth; steaming geysers, surreal landscapes of glaciers, thundering waterfalls and volcanic craters. But the surrounding nature is not the only intriguing thing about Iceland’s capital - colourful buildings, creative locals, exciting restaurants, innovative design and quirky soul all add to the rich culture of this destination. Plus, it is only a short distance from some of Iceland’s most beautiful locations, including the nation’s ‘holy place,’ Þingvellir, where the world’s oldest parliament was established in 930 AD. Further east is the renowned waterfall, Gullfoss, and the Geysir hot spring area.



There is something truly magical about Venice. Gondolas glide along the canals while the sound of music is heard everywhere in this amazing city - little can compare to a visit here and as soon as you witness the romantic energy that reverberates around the canals, your blues are sure to be banished. It is best to explore Venice at length and on foot, be enchanted by the Piazza San Marco known as the ‘drawing room of Europe,’ where you’ll find all the city’s main attractions; the beguiling Basilica di San Marco, the Palazzo Ducale and, of course, no trip to Venice would be complete without a gondola ride on the Grand Canal. You’ll fall in love with this enchanting city, and why would you want to deny yourself that?  



Norway’s somewhat underrated capital Oslo has many strings to its bow. Not only is it set against a stunning backdrop of forests, hills, fjords and magical lakes, but it is also an adventurer’s paradise - here, you can go hiking, cycling, skiing and boating. But fear not, if you prefer something less active, then there are several world-class museums, the world-renowned opera house and an abundance of unforgettable Norwegian cuisine options to tempt you on your trip here. Visit the National Gallery, which is noted for its Edvard Munch collection, including his famous masterpiece, The Scream. Discover the age-old tradition of glass-blowing at the Hadeland Glassworks or browse for art and crafts in Stortoget, Oslo’s central square. 


The United Arab Emirates

From its dramatic skyscrapers, which dominate the skyline, to the sparkling coast and endless desert, it’s little wonder travellers are transfixed by Dubai. Dubbed one of the ‘most exciting cities in the world,’ Dubai is an eclectic mix of modernism and tradition. Endless shopping opportunities abound, and when you tire from splashing the cash, why not visit the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa? Or swim in the paradisiacal waters of Jumeirah Beach? Or simply stroll the promenades whilst being completely in awe of your surroundings? Dazzling Dubai intertwines a traditional past with a commitment to the future and will literally take your breath away - this could be the perfect antidote to those winter blues! 

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