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Mountains, marsupials & metropolis’

Australia’s east coast is a traveller’s dream; rays of sunshine beam down to illuminate the miles of golden coastline, waves crash on sandy beaches and an enormous living, breathing city of coral thrives beneath the surf. On this coast, however, is arguably Australia’s most iconic city, Sydney. Located in the south east, the vibrant and beautiful Sydney is teeming with life and excitement. There is such cultural diversity and so much to see and do that you will wish you had more time in the day. Free tours, fabulous wide open parks, stunning botanical gardens, world-class museums and restaurants and, of course, the jewel in the city’s crown: the harbour. Sydney Harbour is a colourful and trendy place filled with incredible sights, both natural and man-made. Just as beautiful and as impressive as all the millions of pictures you’ve no doubt seen of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, it won’t stop you from wanting to take a few of your own.

You may also have the chance to encounter that most impressive of natural phenomena, the aforementioned city of coral… the Great Barrier Reef. A captivating colourful galaxy full of the most remarkable wildlife featuring over 1,500 species of fish, including clownfish, coral trout, snappers and blue tangs. The bursts of neon-coloured coral and weirdly wonderful fish will mesmerise.

Leaving the sunny shores of Australia behind, you will encounter beauty of a different kind. A cruise to New Zealand is an unforgettable experience. The rugged and wonderful landscape may have been brought to the attention of the world by the big screen version of Lord Of The Rings, but witnessing the marvellous terrain first hand is pure pleasure. Peaks on high, volcanic rumblings below, rushing waters tearing across the panorama is enough to leave you breathless.

Whether it’s the hip, urban confines of diverse Melbourne or the serene, almost ethereal fjords of New Zealand, every aspect of this region is designed to astound.

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