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For decades, A-list celebrities have flocked to the Mediterranean; in love with its magnificent beaches, elegant seaside towns, wonderful shopping and superb restaurants serving freshly caught seafood. A cruise can take you to the most desirable destinations it has to offer, creating a love affair that will last a lifetime.

In the Western Mediterranean, you can experience magnificent Málaga, the second most populous city in Andalusía. One of the oldest cities in the world, Málaga has a lineage stretching back 2,800 years, embracing the Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans as well as Islamic rulers. As you can imagine, its architecture is truly spectacular and the city is an unrivalled treasure house of history.

Gibraltar is every bit as fascinating; a British exclave on the southern tip of Spain. With commanding views of North Africa, it’s simultaneously a melting pot of Christian, Islamic and Jewish culture and a modern financial centre – a place where British bobbies ply their beat beneath golden sun and the only location in Europe where monkeys roam free.

Or perhaps you’d prefer to explore the watery wonders of Venice, straddling 117 tiny islands. Long considered the world’s most romantic city, it’s the ultimate must-see destination. Why not consider an itinerary that includes both a luxury cruise and a journey aboard the legendary Orient-Express?

Don’t forget the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea, home to many captivating destinations. Istanbul is Turkey’s largest and most cosmopolitan city, with a breathtaking skyline featuring magnificent Islamic architecture befitting its former status as the seat of the Ottoman Caliphate.

Meanwhile, Split in Croatia is one of the most ancient cities in the region, founded in the fourth century BC as Aspálathos. Having passed through Greek, Roman and Byzantine hands, it is today a magnet for well-heeled tourists, with all the attractions to match.

Finally, Piraeus, seven miles from the centre of Athens, can trace its history back even further in time and is today both the largest port in Europe and a major city in its own right. The incredible architecture of this region will leave you enthralled.

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