South America, Galapagos and Amazon

Where the wild things are...

A continent alive with infectious latin flavour

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Delight in the diversity of the South American continent

Perhaps the epitome of this region, Brazil’s samba vibe can be felt on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, a city buzzing with contagious energy. Stroll along the famous Copacabana beach in the afternoon heat or climb to the foot of Christ the Redeemer and gaze out at the undulating hills in the distance, there are many ways to appreciate this beautiful city.

Cruising to Buenos Aires in Argentina will see you encounter a delightfully confident city, with colonial European architecture and cosmopolitan feel, you may want to dip into a dance class and try the tango if the mood takes you.

Voyaging through the Chilean fjords are a spellbinding display of enormous glaciers and jagged peaks; a striking contrast to the rest of Chile’s incredibly varied landscape.

A journey to the Galapagos Islands is a glance to a different world; a self-contained ecosystem where animals rule. You’ll encounter so many species not found anywhere else in the world.

On the subject of wildlife, however, a cruise to the Amazon Rainforest is the Holy Grail. A humongous expanse of fascinating flora and fauna will leave any visitor with a lasting and unforgettable memory.

Whether it’s in the jungles or in the streets, you’ll feel the Latin rhythms and definitely feel the heat.

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