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How much does it cost to travel the world?

What's the most cost effective way to travel the world?

How much does it cost to travel the world?

Posted on

19 Jul 2019

From expensive countries like Singapore to the cheap and cheerful Cuba, when it comes to travelling the world, one of the biggest considerations is how much it will cost.

For those who want to see as much of the world as possible and embark on a round the world trip or travel for a year, trying to budget for accommodation, food, drink, entertainment, travel insurance and more for a wealth of destinations can be tricky, especially when they are in different corners of the globe.

In this article, we explore how much it really costs to travel the world, highlighting various regions around the world and the daily costs of travelling their most popular destinations. We also look at how a cruise holiday matches up and whether a world cruise might be better suited to your travel needs.

How much does it cost to travel the world?

Click on a destination below to find out its average daily costs and more.

Europe Norway Iceland Germany
Mediterranean Italy Greece Spain
Africa & Middle East South Africa Dubai Jordan
Asia & Far East Singapore Japan India
Australia & New Zealand Australia New Zealand  
North America Canada Alaska Hawaii
Central & South America Brazil Argentina Mexico
Caribbean Barbados Jamaica Cuba
Polar Regions Antarctica Greenland  

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Mid-range budget

How much does it cost to cruise Europe?


A patchwork of countries known for fairy-tale castles and charming medieval towns, Europe is considered relatively expensive in places where imports are costly, such as Norway and Iceland. However, move further south to the likes of Germany and France, and you’ll find the prices are not too dissimilar to that of the UK.


High-range budget

As one of the most popular cruising destinations, the outstanding beauty of Norway speaks for itself. However, those breathtaking vistas do come at a price, as Norway is often regarded as one of the more expensive countries to cruise to.

Daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £47
Food & Drink £25
Entertainment £13


Lisa was born in Western Norway among the famous fjords, hence her blog name, Fjords and Beaches. We asked her what the prices in Norway are like. “The prices in Norway are some of the highest in the world. Many tourists get quite shocked upon arrival and realising that a quick bite and a bottle of water at the airport kiosk can set you back over 100 Kroner (approx. £10). My advice is to prepare for how expensive it is, so that you’ll hopefully find it a little cheaper than expected!”

Lisa then told us what experience she believes is worth spending a little extra on in Norway: “The best expense to splurge on is seeing the fjords. I always advise travellers to find a way to make it to the beautiful fjords - those arriving on a cruise will already be a step ahead!”


High-range budget

Cost of travelling Iceland


For those who have done some travelling in their time, you’ll likely already be aware of Iceland’s reputation as an expensive travel country. Due to the terrain of the island, most things need to be imported, making prices high. However, it truly is a completely unique location that makes the price tag feel irrelevant.

Iceland daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £67
Food & Drink £24
Entertainment £30


Kirsty blogs about her travels “with a twist of feminism” at World For A Girl. Kirsty’s adventures have taken her to Iceland, we asked her how she found the prices there. “Although you can find affordable flights to this stunning island of ice and fire, once you get there the costs will add up quickly. Dining out costs a lot, as does transport and activities. A meal out for four with drinks will almost always be over £70.”

We asked Kirsty what one expense she recommends people splurge out on. She said: “Transport. Whether you opt for an activity-filled tour or hire a car (or even a bicycle!) do not leave Iceland without really exploring it. Get out of Reykjavik and discover the landscapes that make this captivating island so unique. Hiring your own transport gives you the freedom to get deep into the countryside. Driving Iceland's ring road takes you past volcanoes, glaciers and dramatic coastline.

“Is it worth it? Definitely. Iceland is one of the most beautiful, unique and captivating countries in the world.”


Low-mid range budget

A diverse country, Germany is the perfect travel destination for lovers of architecture and history as well as party-goers and foodies. In West Germany, you can explore majestic castles and hike through spellbinding forests, while in the built-up cities of East Germany, you can experience a bustling, vibrant culture that boasts an eccentric art and music scene.

Germany daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £48
Food & Drink £95
Entertainment £15


As a whole, the country is relatively affordable to travel, however, some of its cities are known to be more expensive than those in neighbouring countries.

According to Expatica: “On average, you should expect to pay from €7–€12 for lunch in a bar, café or restaurant or up to €5 for a sandwich or bakery snack. A cup of coffee is around €3–€4. Other general costs to compare include cinema tickets at around €10–€15 and an average of €2.50–€3.50 for a beer.”


Low-mid range budget

How much does it cost to travel the Mediterranean?


If you’re looking to get away somewhere warm with indulgent food, a laid-back culture and charming architecture, the Mediterranean is just what the doctor ordered. Generally, the Mediterranean is well priced, but it can become expensive depending on where you visit. Head to the region’s most popular destinations and party islands and you’ll be set back quite a bit, but visit the quieter, less-frequented destinations and you’ll find it much more wallet-friendly.


Low-mid range budget

Italy is a country that combines high fashion, incredible history and unforgettable foodie experiences to create a fantastic holiday destination. Modestly priced, the simple way of life many Italians live by means that a holiday to this homely country isn’t going to break the bank.

Italy daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £56
Food & Drink £28
Entertainment £16


We spoke to Scarlett, who used to live in Italy and writes about her travels on her blog The Petite Suitcase. Scarlett told us about the costs in Italy: "Italy can be surprisingly affordable. One of my favourite bars in Rome charges a mere €2 for a glass of wine. A coffee in Italy shouldn't set you back more than a euro if you drink it at the bar.”

When we asked about worthwhile expenses, Scarlett said: “Every penny spent on food in Italy is money well spent. It doesn't even have to be a significant expense either. A whole pizza in Naples is about €7 and it will likely be the best pizza of your life."


Low-mid range budget

Cruising Greek Islands


With myriad stunning islands on offer, Greece is a wonderful travel destination for all occasions. Home to some of the world’s most stunning sunsets, this is the perfect place for a romantic couples’ getaway, or to explore unique landscapes. Head off the beaten track and you’ll find local eateries with modest prices and dishes you’ll want to recreate at home.

Greece daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £48
Food & Drink £24
Entertainment £13


Jodie, a travel blogger at Ala Jode, has spent time travelling the Greek islands. She said: “Travelling Greece can be as pricey or as affordable as you want it to be. The popular spots on the Greek Islands will set you back the most, but it's still possible to travel the Greek Islands on a budget.”


Low-mid range budget

Like the other Mediterranean countries, a precedent of cheap living can be found in Spain. Although it is always possible to splash the cash on luxury restaurants and experiences, in Spain, you can find happiness in a cheap glass of sangria and traditional paella.

Spain daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £44
Food & Drink £24
Entertainment £15


We spoke to Jamie and Ivana, travel bloggers at Wander In Two who agreed with this sentiment: “The prices in Spain can vary depending on location. In the inner cities, you can expect to pay a premium (which we often refer to as a ‘tourist tax’!). If you head off the beaten track to places the locals frequent, you can always find more reasonable prices.”

Jamie and Ivana told us what their most ‘worth-it’ experience was: “The food – specifically the tapas washed down with some sangria. Tapas can be a really economical and delicious way of keeping an eye on the euros and cents. Perfect for sharing, you can order a small amount first and then more later if you want. Not only can tapas bars and restaurants be cost-effective, but they can also provide the perfect Spanish experience, as more often than not, they will be run by local families and filled with local charm.”

Africa & Middle East

Mid-high range budget

How much does it cost to travel Africa and the Middle East?


From sprawling deserts, jungles and mountains to bustling cities and metropolises, Africa and the Middle East is a wonderfully diverse region to explore. With activities on both ends of the scale, you may find yourself tempted to spend a little more whilst here, although it’s not necessary. The array of experiences on offer such as safaris and desert excursions make splashing out a bit extra on an unforgettable adventure is something well worth considering.

South Africa

Mid-range budget

Many people are unable to envision how much it might cost to travel South Africa. After all, this country is known for being a hub of culture and excitement! However, despite its reputation, it manages to keep basic expenses cheap. Although, if you want to try some of the more adventurous and completely unique experiences here, you may be looking at a slightly higher price.

South Africa daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £40
Food & Drink £17
Entertainment £13


We spoke to Johnny Africa, an American who fell in love with South Africa when he moved there for work. Johnny told us: “The prices in South Africa are very reasonable. It is not a budget destination by any means, but it’s also not classed as an expensive destination. Alcohol and food are especially reasonably priced, as you can expect to eat out at a delicious steakhouse for about £15 which includes an amazing steak and a glass of wine.”

For an authentic South African experience, Johnny recommends spending a bit extra to go on a safari. “Head out on a safari and see the ‘the Big Five’. No trip to South Africa is complete without a visit to one of the hundreds of game reserves the country has to offer. Whether you want to go on your adventure in style or prefer a more budget-friendly approach, there are plenty of options available to you. This is a once in a lifetime experience so make sure not to miss out on the experience of seeing elephants and lions roam in their natural habitat!”


High-range budget

Travelling in Dubai


Known for being one of the most expensive cities in the world, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates exudes opulence. Home to the world’s tallest building, the world’s biggest shopping mall and even the world’s largest picture frame, Dubai spares no expense in being a city of luxury and prestige. There are some truly unforgettable experiences to be had in this first-class city, but it can come at a price.

Dubai daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £106
Food & Drink £35
Entertainment £12


We spoke to Elena, writer at Passion for Dubai, a site dedicated to showcasing the wonders of Dubai. “Dubai is often referred to as one of the most glamorous and cosmopolitan cities in the world, and without a doubt it is. Dubai is home to some of the most luxurious hotels, restaurants and shopping malls, however, Dubai is also a city that offers its visitors many free activities. For example, the fountain show at Dubai Mall is completely free and you can admire the breathtaking light and musical show as many times as your heart desires.”

Elena told us which experiences she believes are worth dipping into your pockets for: “Visiting the Burj Khalifa is definitely a worthy experience. For a truly memorable and authentic experience, spend the afternoon in the desert. Ride the jeeps through the dunes and feel the adrenaline rising as you experience the beauty of the desertscape and learn all about the Arabian culture.”


Mid-range budget

Although nestled between countries with conflict, Jordan is a peaceful and relaxing country that makes a fantastic travel destination. Generally mid-range in price, how much you spend will depend on the level of luxury you are looking for. By far, the best expense here is to visit the rose-red city of Petra, an ancient city built into the cliffside.

Jordan daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £30
Food & Drink £16
Entertainment £21

We spoke to Saskia, blogger at Mad Lovely World who told us about her time in Jordan: “We spent ten days in Jordan and three nights in Aqaba. The little port city is very nice and located directly next to the Red Sea. The prices in Jordan are not really cheap, but we had a lot of fun. Alcohol and our hotel were expensive.

“Our best experience was visiting Petra. A lot of history with incredible monuments, it´s not a real trip to Jordan if you didn’t see Petra. It´s like going to Rome without seeing the Colosseum.”

Asia & Far East

Mid-high range budget

How does does it cost to travel Asia and the Far East?


Asia and the Far East is one of the most dazzling and diverse regions in the world. Whether you visit its most prominent countries and capital cities or decide to visit smaller, local towns, you’ll find the costs vary greatly. Many travellers find the largest expense when travelling to Asia and the Far East is actually getting there, but it is worth it to experience a culture so different from our own.


High-range budget

This island country in Southeast Asia below Malaysia is known for its sky-high prices. As a densely populated destination, Singapore has a lot to offer in a small space, but this doesn’t necessarily make it wallet-friendly. Don’t let high costs put you off though - you’ll certainly be rewarded for your expenditure as this futuristic country is a wonder for the senses, with bright lights, towering skyscrapers and luxuriant gardens all intrinsically connected to form a unique and culturally-rich metropolis.

Singapore daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £56
Food & Drink £17
Entertainment £21


According to Price of Travel: “Food in Singapore is one of the main highlights, with its famous hawker stalls all over the city preparing excellent and generous meals for a very low cost, in very sanitary conditions. Drinks can be a bit expensive by Asian standards, but happy hour bargains can be found. Restaurants meant for tourists can be expensive, especially in the main hotel districts.”

Most of Singapore’s main attractions are surprisingly cheap or free to enter, but if there’s one attraction worth putting some money towards, its Gardens by the Bay. This nature park offers sprawling views of the cityscape, with its supertrees, man-made waterfall, skyway and Flower Dome.


High-range budget

Travelling in Japan


With bright, neon lights, a buzzing culinary scene and sci-fi feel, Japan is a very popular travel destination for those looking to immerse themselves in the future. Visiting the country can be expensive, however, it’s an incredibly efficient place to be so although you’re paying a little extra, the service is likely to be much better than you usually expect.

Japan daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £44
Food & Drink £22
Entertainment £12


Nomadic Matt says that although Japan can be expensive, it doesn’t have to be. “When I finally visited Japan, I was shocked to discover that, while it isn’t cheap, Japan isn’t the prohibitively expensive country many people think it is. In fact, I actually found Japan to be very affordable and on par with (and sometimes cheaper than) countries in Western Europe.”

According to “A meal at a more average restaurant costs roughly between £7 and £22, while there is no upper price limit when it comes to high-class restaurants.

“Cafés, both artisanal and coffeehouse chains, can be found in most cities. A typical cup of coffee at a coffeehouse chain averages around £2.20, while prices at boutique cafés tend to be slightly higher.”


Low-mid range budget

One of the more modestly priced countries to visit in Asia, India brings a completely different appeal to its neighbours to the east. Dotted with cities teeming with frenetic energy, heat and commotion, there is never a dull moment here. However, the amazing history and culture you’ll experience, for very low prices, will have you wishing you could come back.

India daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £13
Food & Drink £5
Entertainment £5


According to blogging duo Joris and Joanna from The World Ahead of Us, India is generally not that expensive, however, attractions and sightseeing can put a big dent in your wallet. “The food is cheap in India - we ate whatever we wanted without having to go to questionable restaurants!”

“Entry fees for a lot of important sights and attractions have doubled, tripled or even quadrupled in the last five years, and something we really didn't like is that they keep adding fees if you want to take pictures.”

Australia & New Zealand

Mid-high range budget

How much does it cost to travel Australia and New Zealand?


A beach lover’s paradise, Australia and New Zealand are laid back destinations where you’ll quite happily just let life pass you by. Enjoy scorching sunshine, baked landscapes and adrenaline-packed activities here. As a region with well-developed countries, the prices in Australia and New Zealand are on the higher side, but there are plenty of free activities to take part in whilst here to save you some pennies.


Mid-high range budget

Australia is a popular place for travellers looking for adventure. After all, with cosmopolitan cities, amazing beaches, great adventures and stunning heat, it’s hard to resist. But, it’s another of those places that it is hard to budget for, as you want to make sure you properly enjoy your experience.

Australia daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £45
Food & Drink £22
Entertainment £23


We spoke to Bryony, a blogger at Coasting Australia who gave us a breakdown of the costs in this stunning country. “Australia is one of the best countries in the world to visit, but it is also one where you can spend a lot of money! There are so many incredible things to see, do, visit, taste and experience, that you could easily blow your whole travel budget. Ten years ago, Australia was one of the cheapest countries to visit, but the Australian Dollar has grown in strength making things a bit more costly. Despite this, the quality of the Australian experience still makes it one of the best-value global destinations.”

If there’s one thing you should be willing to pay a bit extra for, Bryony says it’s the country’s outdoor experiences. “Put some money aside to visit the natural wonders that Australia has to offer; snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, visiting the magnificent Uluru or climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge.”

We also spoke to Leon and Kirsten who blog at Made For Travellers, who have recently travelled through Australia. “We travelled for several weeks through Australia, had a rental camper and cooked mostly ourselves and we’d spend £90 per day. If you want to go out eating, have drinks, pay an entrance fee to a couple of parks and do cool activities, you’ll spend more. The cool thing about Australia is there are free BBQs to use everywhere - even Bondi Beach. So, get to the store, buy some meat and start grilling.”

For an authentic Australian experience, Leon and Kirsten suggest paying extra to “rent a surfboard or go on a whale-watching tour within the season and hit up a couple of rooftop bars in Melbourne.”

New Zealand

Mid-high range budget

Like Australia, New Zealand can be hard to budget for. However, it’s worth saying New Zealand tends to be more expensive than Australia due to its more remote location. As the adventure capital of the world, whatever you choose to do here you’re sure to find a way to get your heart racing.

New Zealand daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £53
Food & Drink £18
Entertainment £24


Nicole is a traveller, currently living in Wellington who blogs her adventures at Travelgal Nicole. We asked her how she has found the costs of New Zealand since moving from America. “New Zealand is an expensive country. Food is definitely more expensive than in other countries. A flat white will cost you about £3 and you will only find about 20 Starbucks throughout the country as people prefer local coffee shops.”

Nicole told us what experience she feels is worth paying extra for. “New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world and is known for extreme sports. Whether you want to go sky diving, bungy jumping, black water rafting or even zorbing, there is something for everyone.

“But if you are looking for something a bit more laid back, you cannot miss Milford Sound. It is a fjord with waterfalls and you can take a cruise through Milford Sound.”

North America

Mid-high range budget

How much does it cost to travel North America?


Whether you’re looking to visit warm tropical settings or ice-cold climes, you can find it all in North America. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life, get back to nature in the great outdoors or unwind on some of the best beaches in the world in this highly versatile region. In terms of costs, a few destinations will be surprisingly well priced while a lot of others will thin out your wallet due to expensive transport, food, drink and accommodation costs.


Mid-high range budget

Canada is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination thanks to its more liberal way of life and stunning scenery. The country is vast but has a lot to offer every type of traveller who visits it. Its larger cities are incredibly built up, which can mean a higher price tag for most items.

Canada daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £57
Food & Drink £22
Entertainment £16


We spoke to Hannah, who blogs about her outdoor adventures in Canada at That Adventurer Blog. We asked her about how the prices compare to the UK. “In general, the prices in Canada are much the same as the UK only it seems like a lot more because of the exchange rate and you have to remember to add tax whenever you buy something.

“Prices vary depending on the city with the bigger cities like Vancouver being closer in pricing to London. Food tends to be more expensive, especially when tax and the customary 12% tip is added. A pint of beer is about £4 plus tax and a tip in Vancouver!”

We then asked Hannah what she recommends doing when visiting Canada. “In Montreal, you should spend your money on Montreal's famous bagels and in Vancouver hire a bicycle and cycle around the iconic Stanley Park for incredible city and mountain views!"

We also spoke to Lotte, a travel blogger from The Netherlands at Phenomenal Globe who blogged about how much it cost her to travel around Canada. Lotte said: “Prices in Canada were actually a bit lower than I expected. Canada is a developed country and therefore prices are much higher than other destinations. Going out for a (budget) lunch or dinner will set you back between $10-$20 CAD per person and a beer is at least $3 CAD.”

Lotte then told us the one thing she recommends doing in Canada. “If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, I highly recommend investing in a pair of great hiking shoes as there are so many beautiful hikes you can do in Canada. And the best thing is, the hikes are free! You’ll be able to get to remote waterfalls and stop wherever you want to take a picture of the amazing Canadian landscapes.”


High-range budget

Travelling in Alaska


Although part of the US, Alaska is a destination all of its own, with its rugged and breathtaking landscapes drawing in thousands of travellers every year. Whether you are looking to see incredible wildlife or experience glaciers that are as old as time, Alaska has you covered. But, be aware, that the exclusivity of this state makes it one of the most expensive to visit.

Alaska daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £88
Food & Drink £35
Entertainment £43


Scott, a blogger at Quirky Travel Guy has spent a fair amount of time in Alaska. He told us what he thought about its prices: “From mountains and glaciers to grizzly bears and killer whales, Alaska provides some incredible sightseeing opportunities. Just be prepared to pay for the experience, since Alaska is considered one of the most expensive states in the US.

“Prices in Alaska are quite a bit higher than those in the continental US, mainly due to its remote location. That goes for basic necessities like food and gas, as well as excursions such as whale-watching and glacier-hiking tours.”

If you're willing to splurge for one adventure in Alaska, Scott says you should consider a flightseeing tour from Anchorage. “Ride in a tiny plane to scenic Denali National Park, where the plane lands on a snow-covered glacier. While the experience will set you back a few hundred dollars, the chance to walk around on a glacier surrounded by mountains on all four sides is a rare thrill that's worth the cost!”


High-range budget

At the opposite end of the US, you’ll find Hawaii. A range of Pacific Islands that’s volcanic landscapes and laidback lifestyle is irresistible for many travellers. A tropical paradise for all who come, Hawaii is especially popular with couples as a beautiful honeymoon destination. Although local produce and activities can be surprisingly affordable, like many remote destinations, you can expect to pay extra on items and produce that have to be imported.

Hawaii daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £131
Food & Drink £47
Entertainment £24


Despite its high costs, Vanessa, who’s part of the blogging duo at Turnipseed Travel, told us what she made of Hawaii’s prices when she visited. "All things considered, travelling to Hawaii is much more affordable than many people imagine. The gorgeous national parks have modest prices (and are sometimes free), there are plenty of frugal-friendly museums, concerts, community events, and farm tour programs, and the spectacular beaches are yours to enjoy. Hawaii-focused foods, like fresh fish, coffee, fruit, and veggies are reasonably priced, but you'll pay a premium for any items which have to be shipped in from the mainland.”

Vanessa told us what experience she feels is worth shelling out for: “If I had to choose a once-in-a-lifetime Hawaiian experience, I'd opt for a private helicopter tour - it's the only way to truly appreciate the incredible beauty of Hawaii's unique topography. But truly, I'm just as happy to spend $10 on some fresh banana bread, a dish of chopped papaya, and a cup of locally harvested coffee and head down to the beach to watch the sunrise.”

We spoke to The Family Voyage blogger, Melissa, who blogs about family life as long-term travellers, including their most recent year-long RTW trip. “Hawaii has a reputation for being an expensive destination... and that's deserved. Prices are higher than the mainland, but we found them to be only slightly higher on Oahu than in LA for things like restaurant meals and hotels.

“If you're going to splurge on an experience in Hawaii, there are plenty of good ways to spend that money. We recommend attending a luau or cultural program like the Polynesian Cultural Center to get a sense for Hawaiian history, storytelling and performance art.”

Central & South America

Low-range budget

How much does it cost to travel Central & South America?


With an incredible amount of spirit, Central America and South America are becoming more and more popular for travellers to visit. Enticing people thanks to its amazing climes, nature and atmosphere, it is also very popular due to its low prices. Travelling here will not cost you a lot of money, but it can be completely life-changing.


Low-mid range budget

The electric energy around Brazil is certainly one of the main reasons to travel here. Alongside that, enjoy eccentric carnivals, amazing food, lush rainforests and stunning sunsets. Known as a country of contradictions, it lives up to South America’s reputation as being a more affordable destination, but premium options can be found in the larger cities.

Brazil daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £33
Food & Drink £11
Entertainment £6


My Funky Travel blogger told us about the prices in Brazil: “Brazil is unquestionably expensive by South American standards. Things cost more in Brazil than in any of its neighbours, but visitors should still find it a relatively affordable destination. Being such a large country, there is also inevitably a significant amount of regional variation in prices with the more luxurious parts of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo considerably more expensive than northern regions. In terms of eating and drinking out, Brazil has options to suit all with upscale restaurants and nightclubs to cheap beach bars and cafes.”

Mark told us that the most worthy expense in Brazil is Rio Carnival: “Prices in Brazil rise during festival time, particularly for Carnival during February or March. However, it’s well worth spending that little bit extra to get close to the action and experience perhaps the world’s biggest street party. The Rio Carnival is world famous and is sure to be the highlight of your time in the country.

“Brazil is at its best during carnival season but there are a huge number of local festivals and celebrations across the country throughout the year, so whenever you visit, making the effort to attend one of them is highly recommended.”


Mid-range budget

Travel to Iguaza Falls, Argentina


Argentina is another South American country with its own punchy attitude. Buenos Aires, the heart of the city is a whizzing metropolis with stunning views. Elsewhere, the prices will be slightly cheaper, but even in the city centres, you will still be able to find reasonably priced offers on food and entertainment.

In recent years, Argentina has had issues with its economy. Its 2018 inflation rate was 35% and its interest rate was at 60% - the highest in the world. So, if you’re looking to visit, it’s worth noting that exchange rates are subject to change.

Argentina daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £18
Food & Drink £7
Entertainment £6


Regardless of the country’s current economic state when you visit, there are some activities worth getting involved in even if it costs you a bit extra during your travels. For instance, visiting the beautiful Iguazu Falls, wine tasting and cycling through Mendoza or immersing yourself in the music and art scene of Córdoba.


Low-range budget

Many people are drawn to Mexico because of the food, but fall in love with it because of the atmosphere and stunning vistas. Mexico is great for any type of traveller, as there are sweeping beaches, Mayan ruins and some great adrenaline-pumping activities available, all for a low budget.

Mexico daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £20
Food & Drink £9
Entertainment £12


Patrick, known online as the German Backpacker is a world traveller originally from Germany. He lived in Mexico for four months and travelled the country, so we asked him what he thought of the prices during his time there. “I travelled around Mexico for four months and had the chance to visit many different parts and regions of this beautiful country. When it comes to prices and expenses, your budget for Mexico will highly depend on the area you visit. While the most popular tourist hotspots of the country are certainly not as cheap as you might expect, you can travel on a lower budget in less visited parts of Mexico.”

Patrick also told us what he recommends dipping into your pockets for. “Spending a few dollars extra is definitely worth it when it comes to transport. While there’s a network of affordable long-distance busses around the country, distances are often bigger than expected and spending a bit more on other forms of travel such as cruising is great for saving money and hassle!"


Mid-range budget

How much does it cost to travel the Caribbean?


The picture-perfect definition of a tropical cruising destination, the Caribbean has long been a haven for travellers looking to enjoy some sun. With shimmering blue seas and white sand beaches, the Caribbean islands are a paradise on earth. Due to the region’s popularity, tourist hotspots can be quite expensive but breaking away from the crowds and enjoying some truly local fare can offer a better experience and more budget-friendly prices.


Mid-high range budget

Barbados is one of the original, popular cruising destinations, and it remains just as beloved today for good reason. This paradise island looks as though it’s been crafted especially for a postcard, with prices that reflect its luxury feel. Visit here to watch brightly coloured fish flutter through emerald seas while you sink into the white sand with a cocktail in hand.

Barbados daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £150
Food & Drink £61
Entertainment £68


Stacey is half of the Barbadian travel blogging duo Wandering Bajans. We asked her for her opinion on the prices in Barbados. “Barbados prices can be quite steep depending on what you are looking for. If you want to enjoy a nice dinner out, then you will be looking to pay at least around $200 USD for a couple but if you are looking for more local options for food then you can find it at Oistins Fish Fry, where you can get a good Bajan meal for around $15 USD. It is a great experience if it is your first time in Barbados, as you get to try lots of local food in a relaxed environment. It is open Friday nights and Saturday nights, but we recommend you get there early to avoid the crowd. Another awesome experience to have in Barbados is taking a catamaran cruise along the west coast and going swimming with the sea turtles!”


Low-mid range budget

Travelling the Caribbean


A country with music at its heart, punchy Jamaica is a vista for travellers. Like other Caribbean islands, in Jamaica, crystalline waters lap white sands lined with palm trees and cocktails are aplenty. Enjoy the smells and flavours of traditional Jamaican food like jerk and rich stews and indulge in freshly picked tropical fruits for a fair price. When cruising to Jamaica, you won’t need as much budget as other islands in the Caribbean to have an unforgettable experience.

Jamaica daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £62
Food & Drink £18
Entertainment £16


Food in Jamaica is generally cheap, with local restaurants charging $3-5 USD for a sumptuous and filling meal. As well as this, beer and rum are also considered cheap. Most of Jamaica’s gems are off the beaten track, and the further out of the tourist hotspots you go, the cheaper they are.

When in Jamaica, Nomadic Matt recommends going snorkelling: “Spend a couple of blissful hours uncovering the deep blue on a snorkelling trip. Go to the Northern coast where you can see a wide array of sea life, coral reefs, sponges, and caves. Snorkelling trips start around $35 USD.”

As well as exploring Jamaica’s waters, Matt also recommends visiting Kingston and the Bob Marley Museum: “Without a doubt, Bob Marley is one of Jamaica’s biggest exports. Make the pilgrimage to his museum to learn more about the iconic Rastafarian’s greatest influences. Admission is $25 USD.”


Low-range budget

Known for its vintage style, turbulent history and affection of cigars and rum, Cuba is truly a fascinating country to visit. Every colourful street you walk down will inspire you to take photo after photo, as you wander through a culture completely of its own.

Cuba daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £5
Food & Drink £7
Entertainment £1


Péricles is a travel blogger at 7 continents 1 passport and visited Cuba recently. He gave some advice about the local currency: “Cuba operates a dual currency system: the CUC (Cuban Convertible Pesos), for visitors; and the CUP (Cuban Peso), for locals. Even though you get CUC when you exchange or withdraw money, it’s advisable to carry some Cuban Pesos for shared taxis (almendrón) in Havana, local buses, food from supermarkets and street vendors like ice-creams and pizzas.”

We then asked Péricles what he recommends spending extra on for an authentic Cuban experience. “Cuba isn’t an expensive country, but it’s definitely worth spending a little more on tours to local attractions, and of course, riding in a beautiful vintage American car!”

We also spoke to Flora, travel blogger at Flora the Explorer. She has visited Cuba multiple times but found the accommodation to be the most expensive. “Food and transport were cheaper than I’d expected, but I didn’t enjoy the amount I spent on accommodation. As you pay per-room not per-bed, I often ended up paying much more than was necessary.”

Like Péricles, Flora also recommends riding in a vintage car: “On my second visit to Cuba, I rode from Havana to Viñales in a vintage car. It was pretty awesome to see the country in such a cool vehicle!”

Polar Regions

High-range budget

How much does it cost to travel the Polar Regions?


For those who are happy to spend a little more for a once in a lifetime opportunity, the Polar Regions is a once-in-a-lifetime destination. These remote areas of the world, surrounding the North and South Poles, are exceptional locations. Snowy and desolate, but teeming with life, they more than make up for the price tag with the experiences they offer.


High-range budget

Likely the most undiscovered destination in the world, Antarctica, the 7th continent, is expensive to travel to with tourists only being able to reach it by cruise ship. However, it’s one of the only places that is still truly natural in the world, with blue icebergs, thick, fresh snow and its whole ecosystem untouched by humans.

Danielle and John, bloggers at Two For The World, travelled to Antarctica by cruise together. Despite the costs, they recommend it to all. “Antarctica is the trip of a lifetime, and the cost of the journey reflects it - for good reason, too! It’s one of the most remote, pristine and fragile environments on Earth. It takes two days on the open ocean just to get there and can only be visited for a couple of months each year by a limited number of specially-designed ships.”

We then asked if the trip was worth the slightly higher price tag. “Prices for Antarctic cruises vary widely,” they explained, “we did a mountain of research, saved for an age, and took advantage of early bird prices by booking our trip eight months ahead. But for us, just having the opportunity to set foot on the frozen continent, to meet the extraordinary people that live and work at the research stations, to encounter the amazing wildlife and breathtaking scenery of Antarctica up close, was priceless. It’s truly a destination, and an experience, like no other.”


High-range budget

At the opposite end of the world from Antarctica is Greenland. Equally as remote, this large country is often overlooked as a travel destination due to the price of getting there – but it shouldn’t be! With a combination of desolate, snow-covered landscapes and Norse culture, Greenland is a fusion of attributes.

Greenland daily costs (avg.)
Accommodation £92
Food & Drink £47
Entertainment £30


Macca is a seasoned traveller and blogger at An Adventurous World. His journeys have taken him everywhere, including Greenland. We asked him what he thought about the costs of visiting this majestic country. “There's no denying that Greenland is incredibly expensive,” Macca told us. “Think of prices in Denmark and Iceland then add more on top. Obviously, Greenland is one of the most inhospitable climates in the world - trees don't even grow there. That means they have to import everything which is why prices are so high. However, I promise you, it is worth it. Greenland is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to in my life. It is just so, so stunning.”

We then asked Macca what he would recommend doing when visiting Greenland. “Just being in Greenland is an experience in itself. Yes, it can cost a lot of money getting there, but once you're there, you can just bask in the beauty. There aren't many places where you can go kayaking between icebergs and watch whales playing in the water before relaxing in a beautiful natural hot spring all in a day!”

Is a world cruise worth it?

How much is a world cruise?


A world cruise allows you to travel the world and see incredible destination after incredible destination without having to worry about where to stay, how to get there or unpacking your belongings. Not only this, you’ll be able to join in on some of the most advanced shore excursions that’ll allow you to explore these beautiful destinations up close.

So how much would it cost to travel the world? We asked Adam Coulter from Cruise Critic about the benefits of world cruises and why they are becoming an increasingly popular way to travel the world.

Tick off a wealth of destinations in one go

A world cruise is highly appealing because you get to visit some of the world’s top destinations on just one voyage, says Adam.

“A world cruise is a perfect holiday choice to quickly and effectively tick off a large number of bucket-list dream destinations in one go. Adding to the appeal is that most of these lengthy voyages are scheduled in the dead of winter, tempting cruisers with the means of being whisked away to more temperate, faraway lands.”

Shore excursions allow for culturally immersive experiences

If you think a world cruise means you’d be spending 90% of your time on board your cruise ship, you’d be very wrong! Cruises offer some of the best excursions around says Adam, even letting you disembark for days at a time for a truly immersive experience.

“Another benefit of a world cruise is the ability to disembark the ship for in-depth, multi-night shore excursions, either during an overnight call or by re-joining the ship in its next port. These types of bucket list excursions can add a lot to your experience and give a nice break from shipboard routine.”

Is a world cruise worth it?


Everything is taken care of and organised for you

Adam then discussed the benefits of going on a world cruise compared to planning a trip around the world yourself.

“With its unique mix of sustained luxury and the promise of seeing the world, a cruise offers a seamless, unpack-just-once trip with little to worry about or organise on a world cruise.”

“Taking into consideration that all meals and entertainment are included in the overall cost – as well as the fact that you get a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a widely varied portfolio of diverse cultures all in one go – then the price tag of a world cruise is actually pretty good value for money.”

From plush cabin rooms to top-range facilities and fine dining, when you weigh up all the luxuries a cruise ship package has to offer, the price is very reasonable. And the best part? You can rest assured knowing everything is taken care of for you.

Cruising is more personalised than ever

Cruising is not a one-size-fits-all travel style. There are so many different experiences available on a cruise that allow you to break up your journey and customise it to suit you.

“With demand for world cruises continuing to rise,” explains Adam, “more cruise lines are now offering a variety of world cruise options. You don't always have to book the entire voyage either. Many sailings are divided into segments that let you experience an extended voyage in a region of the globe that interests you most. Savings particularly add up when you bundle two or more segments back-to-back into your own mini-world cruise – making certain world cruises more financially viable than many people think.”

Can we help you find the perfect world cruise to suit all your travel needs and aspirations? Get in touch today or browse our world cruises now.

Infographic: How much does it cost to travel the world?

Our useful infographic highlights the average costs of different regions around the world. From the Mediterranean to North America, see how the costs differ from region to region.

How much does it cost to travel the world? | ROL Cruise

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How much does it cost to travel the world? | ROL Cruise

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