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An adventurous voyage awaits

Forget Indiana Jones; with verdant rainforests running riot, myriad Mayan ruins and several influences conspiring to coax all comers, unearthing your own treasure requires minimal effort, and all who set foot will be smitten by the natives’ cheery charm and traditions. The wildlife alone is worth the visit to Central America - exploring this vast network of jungle canopies, you may be pleasantly interrupted by the howl of an adorable capuchin monkey here, the shrill squawk of a scarlet macaw there, or accompanied by inquisitive sea turtles during a foray into gorgeous coral reefs.

As much as the land captivates, it’s impossible to overlook the Panama Canal, which tends to steal the headlines. Built in 1914, this stupendous feat of engineering conveniently bonds the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and makes cruising this region a blessing which certainly isn’t in disguise!

Chichen Itza, nestled within Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, and the citadel of Tikal over in leafy Guatemala make for breath-taking excursions; however, it’s Mother Nature who really left her mark here, through the imposing Arenal Volcano, keeping vigil over Costa Rica, Belize’s baffling Great Blue Hole, and Guatemala’s Lake Atitlán, whose dreamlike state appears too good to be true, to name but a few.

Those seeking more leisurely pursuits will cherish the silky swathes of sand on Cabo San Lucas, Cozumel (Mexico), Roatán (Honduras) and many more. As they say in Costa Rica, “Pura Vida”, meaning ‘pure life’ – an adage befitting of this region, which guarantees a sensory and soulful experience.

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