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Top 10 cruise destinations to visit in 2024 and beyond

The top cruise destinations to visit as chosen by ROL Cruise

Published on 15 Mar 2024

From the lush mountains of Rio de Janeiro to the mesmerising canals of Venice, here are the top ten cruise destinations to visit in 2024 and beyond. 

10 cruise destinations to visit in 2024

Perth, Australia

Located on Australia’s sun-kissed coast, Perth beckons travellers with its blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty. It’s a vibrant city where skyscrapers meet sandy beaches and sprawling parks. 

From the picturesque Swan River to the bustling streets of the business district, Perth boasts plenty of fun things to do. Learn about the city’s history at the Perth Cultural Centre or sample local flavours at lively cafes and restaurants. 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Nestled between lush mountains and crystal-clear waters, Rio de Janeiro pulsates with energy and breathtaking beauty. Here, skyscrapers tower over pristine beaches while historic neighbourhoods merge with a modern atmosphere. 

Whether you spend your time marvelling at the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer or immersing yourself in Copacabana’s lively samba beats, Rio de Janeiro is certain to win you over with its infectious spirit. 

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark’s picturesque capital seamlessly blends historic charm with modern innovation. Nyhavn, Copenhagen’s iconic waterfront, is lined with charming cafes and vibrant houses. Attracting many visitors, the colourful harbour is not to be missed.

Elsewhere in Copenhagen, visit the Danish Design Museum, sample delectable Danish cuisine or explore the city by bike. 

Hamburg, Germany

Situated on the banks of the Elbe River, Hamburg beckons with its rich history, dynamic culture and bustling harbour. Discover the city’s thriving arts scene or indulge in culinary delights, explore the largest warehouse district or stroll along picturesque canals. 

With its maritime heritage, cultural diversity and sophisticated flair, Hamburg should be at the top of your bucket list. 

Belfast, Ireland

Ireland’s capital Belfast is steeped in history, culture and resilience. Located in the rolling hills of Country Antrim, Belfast perfectly blends old-world charm and modern vitality. 

Whether you visit the iconic Titanic Belfast, explore the streets of the Cathedral Quarter or quench your thirst at one of the city’s many pubs, there’s something for everyone in Belfast. 

Venice, Italy

Venice, the city of canals, is a mesmerising cruise destination. With unparalleled beauty and timeless charm, Venice beckons visitors to its intricate canals and majestic palaces. 

Connected by a masterful web of bridges, Venice is a living masterpiece, where every corner unveils a new story. Lose yourself in narrow alleyways, marvel at St. Mark’s Basilica or glide along the Grand Canal in a gondola. 

Valletta, Malta

Malta’s majestic capital proudly overlooks the shimmering Mediterranean Sea. This UNESCO World Heritage gem boasts a rich tapestry of history, art and culture woven into its cobblestone streets and limestone walls. 

With its breathtaking vistas, warm Mediterranean charm and centuries-old allure, Valletta invites travellers to step back in time and immerse themselves in a world of timeless beauty and intrigue. 

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The Netherlands’ charismatic capital exudes enticing charm. Known for its charming streets lined with bicycles and blossoming tulips, Amsterdam captivates travellers at every turn. 

As one of the most culture-rich destinations in Europe, Amsterdam’s history, spirit and laid-back atmosphere beckon.  

Cape Town, South Africa

Hidden in the shadows of Table Mountain you’ll find the vibrant city of Cape Town. As one of South Africa’s most naturally beautiful and culturally diverse cities, Cape Town enchants visitors with its kaleidoscope of experiences. 

While here, explore the bright streets of Bo-Kaap, enjoy Cape Winelands finest creations or watch as African penguins waddle along Boulder’s Beach. 

New York, United States of America

New York City pulsates with a tempting allure that captivates millions of visitors each year. From its iconic skyline to its bustling streets, the Big Apple never fails to dazzle. 

With its vibrant arts scene, unmatched shopping districts and a spirit of endless possibility, New York beckons travellers to experience the magic of its streets and skyline firsthand. 

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