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An overview of Rovos Rail’s routes

A look at Rovos Rail’s eleven rail routes

Published on 06 Dec 2023

Step aboard the elegant Rovos Rail for a journey through time and landscape, offering an array of luxurious train routes across the African continent. Each journey with Rovos Rail is a unique blend of grandeur and adventure, taking passengers from bustling cities to remote wilderness, over majestic mountains and through historic landmarks. From the sweeping savannas of the Kruger National Park to the thunderous Victoria Falls and the vast deserts of Namibia to the lush Cape Winelands, Rovos Rail offers a window into the soul of Africa, all experience from the comfort of vintage wood-panelled coaches and opulent suites. These journeys are more than just travel; they are moving experiences, steeped in the romance of a bygone era, capturing the essence of African luxury and exploration. 

Rovos Rail’s journeys

African Collage

Pretoria ➡ Cape Town

Cape Town ➡ Pretoria 

Embark on Rovos Rail’s African Collage, a captivating journey weaving through the heart of South Africa’s diverse landscapes. This 10-day adventure spans nearly 3,400 kilometres, starting from Pretoria and winding down to Cape Town. It offers an exquisite tapestry of scenery, from the oldest proclaimed nature reserve in Africa, Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park, to the stark beauty of the Karoo desert. Passengers witness the awe-inspiring vistas of the Garden Route, the panoramic views of the Cape Winelands and the renowned Kruger National Park. The journey, blending luxurious rail travel with stunning natural beauty and cultural richness, provides an unparalleled glimpse into the soul of South Africa. 

African Trilogy

Pretoria ➡ Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay ➡ Pretoria

Rovos Rail’s African Trilogy is a remarkable journey from Pretoria through Southern Africa’s diverse landscapes. Begin with a thrilling game drive in Kruger National Park, followed by visits to the Kingdom of eSwatini and Hluhluwe Wildlife Reserve. Discover Durban’s botanical gardens, traverse the Drakensberg Mountains and explore Kimberley’s historic diamond mines. Journey through the Karoo to Upington and the majestic Fish River Canyon. Experience the Kalahari Desert and the unique Quiver trees of Garas Park. Fly to Sossusvlei, surrounded by the Namib-Naukluft Park’s dramatic dunes, before concluding in Windhoek, Etosha National Park and the coastal town of Walvis Bay

Cape Town

Pretoria ➡ Cape Town 

Cape Town ➡ Pretoria

The Cape Town route is a luxurious three-day journey that encapsulates the essence of South Africa’s diverse landscapes. Departing from Pretoria, this journey weaves through the grasslands of the gold-rich Highveld to the haunting barrenness of the Great Karoo. Traverse scenic wine lands and witness majestic mountain ranges before arriving in the picturesque city of Cape Town. Along the way, indulge in Rovos Rail’s world-class service, savouring gourmet meals and enjoying the elegance of period-decorated carriages. This journey is not just a travel experience, but a graceful passage through South Africa’s heartlands, offering glimpses into the country’s rich heritage and natural beauty. 

Copper Trail

Victoria Falls ➡ Lobito 

Lobito ➡ Victoria Falls 

Rovos Rail’s Copper Trail is an extraordinary expedition traversing Zimbabwe, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola. Starting from the breathtaking Victoria Falls, the journey crosses the Zambezi River, offering experiences like a sunset cruise on the Kafue River and a visit to Lusaka’s elephant sanctuary. In Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park, travellers enjoy a wildlife-rich safari amidst stunning scenery. The route then leads through Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo, following the historic copper trail through Angola with insightful walking tours. The journey culminates in Lobito, blending natural wonders, wildlife encounters and cultural exploration into a unique rail adventure. 

Dar es Salaam

Cape Town ➡ Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam ➡ Cape Town

The Dar es Salaam route presents an unforgettable 15-day journey through the heart of Africa. Starting from Cape Town, this epic journey traverses South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania, culminating in the bustling city of Dar es Salaam. Along the way, passengers witness a tapestry of landscapes, from the stark beauty of the Kalahari Desert to the lush greenery of the Zambian bush. Highlights include a game drive in the Madikwe Reserve, a visit to the mighty Victoria Falls and a crossing over the Tazara Railway. 

Durban Safari

Pretoria ➡ Durban

Durban ➡ Pretoria

Embark on Rovos Rail’s Durban Safari, a remarkable three-day sojourn that combines the elegance of luxury rail travel with the thrill of African wildlife. Departing from Pretoria, the journey weaves through South Africa’s spectacular landscapes towards Durban. En route, passengers are treated to game drives in the Nambiti Private Game Reserve and the Spionkop Game Reserve, offering opportunities to witness the majestic beauty of African fauna in their natural habitats. The journey is enriched with cultural insights, including a visit to the historic Battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal. 

Golf Safari

Pretoria ➡ Pretoria

Rovos Rail’s Golf Safari offers a unique blend of luxury rail travel and world-class golfing. This nine-day adventure starts in Pretoria, taking golf enthusiasts on a scenic journey through some of South Africa’s most beautiful landscapes. Golfers have the opportunity to play at several top-rated courses, including Sun City’s Lost City and the Durban Country Club, while non-golfing companions can enjoy a variety of exciting excursions. Along the way, guests experience game drives, cultural tours and the panoramic vistas of the Drakensberg Mountains. This journey is not just about golf; it’s a luxurious exploration of South Africa’s diverse attractions, combining sport, adventure and unrivalled scenery. 

Namibia Safari

Pretoria ➡ Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay ➡ Pretoria

The Namibia Safari is a captivating nine-day voyage that explores the stark beauty and rich history of Namibia. Beginning in Pretoria, this journey traverses the dramatic landscapes of South Africa before entering Namibia. Passengers experience the starkness of the Kalahari Desert, the Fish River Canyon’s majestic vistas and the historic charm of towns like Lüderitz and Windhoek. Highlights include a visit to the ghost town of Kolmanskop and a safari in the Etosha National Park. The journey culminates with a visit to the awe-inspiring dunes of Sossusvlei. 

Southern Cross

Pretoria ➡ Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls ➡ Pretoria

Embark on an unforgettable 11-night journey with Rovos Rail’s Southern Cross, traversing the diverse landscapes of Southern Africa. Starting in Pretoria, the route ascends the Drakensberg Mountains and explores the scenic Panorama Route, leading to exhilarating game viewing in Kruger National Park. Discover the urban charm of Maputo, Mozambique and the mountainous eSwatini. Witness wildlife in Kapama, visit the historic Great Zimbabwe Monument and explore Antelope Park and Matobo National Park. The adventure culminates with wildlife sightings in Hwange National Park and a walking tour of the majestic Victoria Falls, topped off with a serene sunset cruise on the Zambezi River. 

Trail of Two Oceans

Dar es Salaam ➡ Lobito

Lobito ➡ Dar es Salaam 

Rovos Rail’s Trail of Two Oceans is a spectacular 15-day rail journey, a voyage between oceans that spans the breadth of Africa. Starting from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, this unique route weaves through Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola, concluding in Lobito on the Atlantic Coast. This journey offers an unparalleled opportunity to witness the diverse tapestry of the African continent, from its lush landscapes and wildlife-rich parks to the vibrant cultures of its cities. Passengers on this epic journey experience the heart of Africa, travelling in luxurious comfort, with stops for wildlife safaris, city tours and cultural excursions, truly a journey of a lifetime. 

Victoria Falls

Pretoria ➡ Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls ➡ Pretoria 

Rovos Rail’s Victoria Falls journey is an enchanting three to four-day expedition that combines the romance of rail travel with the awe of one of the world’s natural wonders. Departing from Pretoria, this luxurious train winds through the stunning landscapes of South Africa and Zimbabwe, culminating in the breathtaking Victoria Falls. Along the way, passengers savour the elegance of a bygone era, with opulent accommodations and fine dining. The highlight is undoubtedly the arrival at the falls, where the mighty Zambezi River plummets into a spectacular gorge, creating a misty paradise that captivates every visitor. This journey is a perfect blend of relaxation, scenic beauty and historic exploration.

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