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Cruises to Bodø

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The sea-eagle capital of North

ROL Cruise recommends…

The largest urban land in Nordland 

Sitting on the Krystriksveien Coastal Route west of the Arctic Highway, Bodø is the gateway to Norway’s north wonderland. With the rugged landscapes of the peaks in the background and the vast, clear skies above, a wander around this snow-capped destination will uncover hidden gems, dramatic islands off the frosty shores and white-tailed eagles in abundance. Hit the highway on the most northern point on Norway’s railway system and explore Lofoten Islands.

Adrenalin-packed Arctic adventures

If fast-paced, adrenalin-packed adventures are the way you want to explore Bodø, then jumping on a dog sled or heading on an Arctic Coastal Walk may be an option for you. Head out in the breeze of the Norwegian sea and walk across the white beaches and rough landscapes on the shores of Bodø beach. Alternatively, hop on sled and head off on a dog-filled adventure across the snow. Meet the dogs, gaze at panoramic views of the fjords, mountains and changing suburbs before heading off on a husky safari across the terrain that makes up the wonderful lands that surround Bodø.

A diverse community of art and culture

Fast becoming one of the liveliest cities in Norway, Bodø has a lively urban scene that has a recently developed music and art community at the heart of its cultural popularity. Hosting two large music festivals in the months of August that attract crowds in their thousands, there is culture of plenty to keep you occupied within the boundaries of this city.

A wonderful array of wildlife

Norway is home to some of the world’s most wonderful wildlife and exploring the lands that the creatures call home is a must. Bodø is home to the largest concentration of white-tailed eagles in the world hence its name the ‘sea eagle capital’. Hop on board an Arctic exploration boat and head out to sea to witness the wonders of these creatures, you may even get to spot a whale or two!

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