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up to $1,180 onboard credit
The 2025 No-Fly Greek Isles & Spain

Queen Anne 07 Sep 2025 19 nights No-Fly Cruise Southampton

No-fly cruising

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Sail direct from Southampton*

Complimentary On Board Credit of up to $1,180, Car Parking OR Coach Transfers*

Itinerary: Southampton - Cadiz, Spain - Heraklion - Kusadasi - Piraeus (Athens), Greece - Santorini, Greek Isle - Messina, Sicily, Italy - Granada (tours from Malaga) - Southampton
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Inside from £2,299pp

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All-Inclusive 2025 Best of Greece & Luxury Cyprus Stay

Celebrity Infinity 23 May 2025 12 nights Fly Cruise Flights Included Athens (from Piraeus)

Exclusive FREE On Board Spend of up to $400*

Free business class flight upgrade*

Drinks, Gratuities & Wi-Fi Included*

FREE four night luxury stay in Cyprus*

Itinerary: Athens (from Piraeus), Greece - Santorini, Greece - Mykonos, Greece - Ephesus (from Kusadasi), Turkey - Volos - Thessaloniki, Greece - Athens (from Piraeus), Greece
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(full fare £2,899) Inside from £2,399pp

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No-Fly 2026 Eastern Mediterranean Delights

Aurora 14 Sep 2026 24 nights No-Fly Cruise Southampton

Choose from: On Board Spending Money of up to £480, Car Parking OR Coach Transfers*

No tips required on board*

No-Fly Cruising from Southampton*

SAVE an Incredible 10% on ALL bookings*

Itinerary: Southampton - Seville - Palermo - Valletta, Malta - Athens (from Piraeus), Greece - Ephesus - Bodrum, Turkey - Limassol - Alexandria, Egypt - Tunis - Cartagena, Spain - Gibraltar -…
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Inside from £2,849pp

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What to see in Kuşadasi

Kuşadasi, nestled on Turkey's Aegean coast, is a coastal paradise with a rich blend of ancient history and modern amenities. Its pristine beaches, vibrant bazaars and proximity to renowned archaeological sites like Ephesus make it a captivating destination for sun-seekers and history enthusiasts alike.

A cruise to Kuşadasi wouldn't be complete without experiencing the awe-inspiring ancient city of Ephesus, one of the most well-preserved archaeological sites in the world. Start your journey at the Grand Theatre, where you can imagine the echoes of ancient performances in this spectacular amphitheatre. With a seating capacity of 25,000, it was a hub for cultural and entertainment events in its prime. Stand at the centre and let your voice resonate through time, just as the performers did centuries ago.

Kuşadasi boasts pristine beaches that are perfect for unwinding and enjoying the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea. Head to Ladies Beach, one of Kuşadasi's most popular coastal spots. It offers a tranquil atmosphere and a range of water sports and beachfront cafes. Whether you're swimming, sunbathing or simply taking in the picturesque views, it's a place to relax and soak up the Mediterranean sun. Long Beach lives up to its name, offering a generous stretch of sandy shoreline. It's an ideal location for families, as the shallow waters are safe for children. You can rent sunbeds and umbrellas and savour refreshments at beachside restaurants while enjoying the stunning seascape.

Nestled in the hills surrounding Kuşadasi, Şirince is a picturesque village known for its quaint streets, traditional houses and local handicrafts. It's a delightful destination for a taste of rural Turkish life and artisanal delights. Wander through Şirince's cobblestone streets, lined with charming houses adorned with colourful flowers. The village retains its old-world ambience, offering a glimpse into a simpler way of life. Stroll along and explore the local shops selling handmade textiles, ceramics and other crafts.

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