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Experience the world’s greatest adventures

Stunning destinations and stimulating activities will create exceptional adventures. It’s time to enjoy the ultimate adrenalin rush.

Do you imagine that cruising is a sedate holiday? Then it’s time to set your imagination free. Because cruising can be anything that you want it to – including the adventure of a lifetime. Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking (and dreaming).

Hiking in a national park is as close as you can get to Mother Nature. Your breath will be taken away by the verdant vegetation and the sheer scope and scale of everything around you. We can help you find the most desirable destinations on earth, where the most spectacular sights meet the cleanest and freshest air.

Or maybe you’d like to see the world’s lushest rainforests? That’s no problem. Your cruise ship can take you to mile after mile of unspoilt wilderness where the only sounds are from exotic wildlife going about its daily business, completely unaware of civilisation or the modern world.

Perhaps you’d like to indulge your passion for volcanoes and get up close and personal with one of the planet’s most incredible natural phenomena. Let us make it happen for you, with the cruise of a lifetime complemented by a thrilling climb up one of the world’s largest and fiercest volcanic peaks.

Once you’ve found your head for heights, you can put it to full use by zip lining in Costa Rica. Soaring like an eagle over vivid green landscapes carpeted with gently waving trees, you will feel completely free from the cares of the world – and even the dictates of gravity. This is an experience that few people will ever get to savour.

Moving from land to sea, a Zodiac boat tour can take you where your cruise ship cannot – to azure bays teeming with wildlife and to incredible coral reefs. You can even gain a unique perspective by diving deep into warm sea and coming face-to-face with rainbow-hued exotic fish and the ocean’s ultimate predator – the majestic and terrifying shark.

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