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Common cruising misconceptions

Common cruising misconceptions explored

Not sure if cruising is for you? Here we bust those cruising myths

Published on 31 Jan 2017

We’ve been arranging cruise holidays for over 20 years and in this time, we’ve been fortunate enough to have made the dreams of well over a quarter of a million cruisers come true. Many were first-time cruisers who naturally had a few misconceptions about this unique and very special type of holiday. Here, we share the most common misconceptions our customers have had over the years and our expert advice to help you decide if cruising is for you.

Common cruising misconceptions explained

“A cruise ship cabin is claustrophobic.”

An inside cabin does tend to be smaller and by definition lacks a window but, in reality, there is so much to see and do on board, you’ll spend very little time in your cabin (except to sleep). An outside cabin has a window or porthole, while a balcony cabin has a glass door leading to a balcony, usually equipped with a small table and chairs. Most ships feature larger staterooms and suites for those who would like more space and with so many promotions including complimentary upgrades, these luxurious cabin types are more affordable than you might think.

“Cruise ships are too small and confining.”

On a cruise, you can visit many ports. With the itineraries planned to spend most days ashore, you cruise through the night, meaning you wake up somewhere different every day. If your preference is for a roomier cruise ship, simply tell us and we’ll find the right ship for you. Some ships are so spacious you can go hours without seeing another guest. A good tip is to choose a cabin with a balcony so you’ll always have a private outdoor space to retire to - this makes for a fantastic breakfast venue with a view too.

“Cruises are too expensive.”

Compared to land-based holidays, a cruise is one of the best travel values out there. Even the lowest-priced cruises include, as standard, flights and transfers on fly-cruises, accommodation, meals, entertainment and activities, use of facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, hot tubs and much more. On most of our cruise promotions, we include extras such as onboard spending money and free car parking or transfers, so these all help with the overall cost of your holiday. Opt for an all-inclusive cruise if you want to pay the majority of your outlay before you go.

“Cruises are too long.”

Cruise lengths vary significantly to meet personal tastes, with itineraries ranging from 2 to 100+ nights. “Cruising is too formal, I don’t like dressing up.” Today’s ships have few formal evenings in the dining room and these are optional. Many cruise lines now offer a more casual alternative and there is always room service to enjoy in your cabin. If you are still not convinced, you can choose a cruise line with a more informal atmosphere. Just tell us this is your preference when you call.

“Cruising isn’t for me.”

A cruise is tailored to suit all tastes and requirements; solo travellers, families, couples and groups. Cruising is a great option for special occasions, weddings, honeymoons, birthdays or just a quick getaway. Cruises are available for all ages and all occasions and come in so many shapes and sizes, there’s a cruise for everyone.

“Everyone gains weight on a cruise, I’m not a big eater.”

While cruises are known for having plenty of food available, cruise lines are very aware of the healthy eating lifestyles of a growing number of cruisers. At every meal, they offer healthy choices as part of their already extensive food selections prepared under the direction of some of the greatest chefs in the world. Plus, there are plenty of activities on board and off to help you burn away any extra calories during your holiday.

“I have limited mobility so I cannot cruise.”

Cruising is more accessible than ever and this certainly includes those with limited mobility. Most cruise ships these days have at least a couple of specially adapted cabins. These cabins have wider doors and adapted bathrooms, along with all the standard luxuries and mod cons you’d expect. Our advice would always be to book early if you require an adapted cabin or are taking any mobility aids with you.

“I will be bored, I don’t like sitting still.”

A full programme of daytime and evening activities is available on board, from arranged quizzes, games and sports, to the use of the ship’s facilities, pools and fitness centre. Specialist lectures and workshops cover a range of interests; visit the spa for a relaxing treatment, plus each port offers a variety of optional arranged excursions. Evening entertainment includes West End-style shows, guest entertainers, nightclubs, bars, lounges and casinos. Browse the shops or just sit back and take in the atmosphere. If you’d prefer an itinerary where you’ll spend less time at sea, just let us know, we’ll find the right cruise for you.

“I will have to sit with people I don’t know at dinner.”

Although ships have traditional assigned seating, most now have the alternative option where you can dine where you wish, whenever you wish and with whom you wish. Most ships also have a more casual dining option that offers a change from the fixed dining times, with a range of speciality dining options available for a more intimate experience.

“I’m worried I’ll be seasick.”

Due to their immense size and the stabilisers that ships are equipped with, you probably will not notice any motion at all. Some parts of the ocean, however, are rougher than others. If you do get seasick, medications are available on board to get you back on your feet quickly. If you are concerned, just let us know and we’ll help you choose a cabin towards the centre of the ship, located lower down where the movement is minimal.

“You lose touch with the world on a cruise.”

While some people relish the thought of getting away from it all, there is always the possibility to stay in touch. Cruise ships publish a daily newsletter with major news, sports scores and stock quotes. Cabins have televisions and telephones enabling you to call your loved ones back at home. The ships also have computer facilities and Wi-Fi available, plus calls can be made from ports too.

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