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Single country cruises

The benefits of single country cruising

Here’s why single country cruising is the best way to explore a new culture

Published on 29 Aug 2018

Often, when people think of cruising they imagine waking up in a new country every day. Although this is the case on some voyages, like world cruises, for example, many itineraries are committed to exploring one country. Single country cruising is one of the best ways to explore a new culture. Here, we take a look at some of the benefits of single country cruising:

Reasons to book a single-country cruise

You get to explore every part of a place

Although spending a day in a place can allow you to experience the country, its culture and the main sights, if you’re interested in getting under the skin of a culture, single-country cruising is a great way to do so. You can not only see the highlights but the pieces that make that country what it is, you can sample all kinds of local food and venture off the beaten path. On a single-country cruise, as well as the time spent experiencing one culture, you’ll be visiting multiple places; you’ll be able to try a different dish every day, speak to locals, experience big cities and small villages and see how culture can change across one country.

You only need one currency

Before leaving for a trip, you have the task of changing your money. With multi-country cruising, you’ll spend time in so many different places you can often find yourself needing a lot of different currencies to get by. With a single-country cruise, you don’t need to worry about that. Not only will you have to carry one new currency, but you’ll also have a better understanding of that currency. It’ll take no time for you to be able to translate costs back into £s and you won’t need to panic about making sure you have the right type of cash.

You only need to learn one language

The thought of facing a new language can be a daunting one. You don’t want to offend anybody and you don’t want to be misunderstood. When you’re on a multi-country cruise, you’ll experience a lot of new cultures and new languages and every day you can find yourself meeting new languages at every stop. With a single-country cruise, you don’t need to worry about multiple language barriers.

You can even start to pick up and learn the local language. Before you leave, you won’t need to pour over translation dictionaries learning how to order your favourite drink in seven different languages. You won’t need to learn the expected customs and manners of places all around the world. You can focus your time on one language and culture and learn that more thoroughly.

You can spend an extended period in one place

Sometimes, one day simply isn’t enough. Sometimes, you’ll fall in love with somewhere and wish you didn’t have to leave. With a single-country cruise, you don’t. You’ll be able to hang around for a while and spend more time falling in love with a new culture. A world cruise is a fantastic way of experiencing the world but a single country cruise is a fantastic way of experiencing a new culture. You’ll spend time learning about new aspects of the place that you can’t read about on the internet. You’ll talk to the locals, experience how they live and fall in love with every part of a place.

Best destinations for a single-country cruise


As one of the world’s largest countries, exploring the whole of China is an almost impossible feat, made achievable with a single-country cruise. You’ll experience hectic cities and coastal towns. Indulge in the local foods and delicacies as you experience different micro-cultures and fall in love with the beautiful landscapes and traditional architecture.


The islands of Hawaii are one of the world’s best tropical paradises. With hot, sandy beaches, large towering volcanoes and warming, friendly locals, you’ll instantly feel relaxed when you first step foot off your cruise ship. You’ll be able to explore all Hawaiian Islands from the more popular cities like Honolulu and Kauai to going off the beaten track and exploring areas only the locals know about.


Japan is a beautiful island nation of tradition and technology. As you journey around the country, you’ll experience a lot of raw natural beauty and ancient architecture, as well as some of the most modern areas of the world. This contrast is the reason a single-country cruise around Japan is the ideal way to see it. You’ll be able to experience different aspects of its complex and diverse culture, leaving you to fall completely in love with it.


Norway could be considered the ultimate single-country cruise destination. Explore the snow-capped fjords as you wind through the icy waters, experience the culture that makes it one of today’s most popular cruise destinations and relax as all the travel work is done for you.

We chatted to Anna from The Cruise Blogger about Norway, she told us: “Norway is one of the most dramatic, beautiful and memorable itineraries you can do on a cruise. Heading away from the main tourist locations on a ship allows you to experience the real Norway, which is something that is often difficult and costly to do independently. Norway’s fascinating culture is just as interesting as its impressive landscape. Food, art, music and history all play an important part in everyday Norwegian life.”

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