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Seabourn Venture sailing through Antarctica

Staff stories: A life-changing experience

Join ROL Cruise team member Rebeca as she sails aboard Seabourn Pursuit

Published on 10 Apr 2024

The beauty of Antarctica is like nothing else. How did it feel to witness it for the first time?

Antarctica was the best experience of my life. I would even go as far as to describe it as truly life-changing. Something about the place makes you feel like your reality is suspended and that you are on another planet. Nowhere could possibly be this beautiful, this untouched and desolate in a world full of billions of people. I felt a psychological change occur in me on this trip - a reflection that led to an almost total shifting of priorities in my life.

What was the most memorable moment from your cruise?

From getting up close to penguins and whales, to being surrounded by mighty glaciers and icebergs, there were so many moments that will remain forever in my heart and mind. Truth is, as much as I planned for my cruise to Antarctica, nothing could ever prepare me for just how incredibly personal the experience turned out to be. 

Seabourn Pursuit is as special as the waters she sails - can you tell us about the onboard experience?

This was my first cruise and I can honestly say that the staff onboard made me feel so at ease and welcome. I used to think that cruising wasn’t for me because of all the stereotypes associated with it, however, I now cannot wait for the next one. 

Seabourn Pursuit is a brand-new ship and all the facilities onboard are incredible. There is so much choice of food onboard - I would never have thought I’d be eating sushi and caviar in Antarctica! 

Seabourn offers travellers a wide variety of shore excursions. Which shore excursions did you enjoy during your cruise?

I absolutely loved the tours in the Zodiacs in the afternoons because it was the best way to see the wildlife and glaciers. I also did the polar plunge on the last day which was an amazing experience! I definitely underestimated how cold the water was but definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity! 

There were so many other excursions to do like a submarine dive and kayak tours. I definitely recommend pre-booking in advance!

What would you recommend packing for a cruise to Antarctica?

I know this sounds crazy, but Antarctica is not as cold as we think! The water is absolutely freezing cold but the weather did not feel much different from a winter in the UK. Seabourn provides waterproof jackets and boots and all you really need to pack is waterproof trousers and layers. 

The dress code onboard is so relaxed, I loved it because if you want to dress up you can. If you don’t want to, you can literally wear whatever you want. 

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