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Northern Lights dancing across the night sky

10 of the most popular types of cruises

Let us help you pick the right voyage for you

Published on 13 May 2024

With so many different types of cruises, it can be overwhelming to pick the right voyage for you. Here, we take a look at ten of the most popular types of cruises to, hopefully, make things a little easier for you: 

10. Cruise and Stay Holidays

cruise and stay holiday pairs the perfect cruise with the perfect hotel stay. You can choose from a fine array of hotels, all offering the ultimate in comfort and service, in a number of stunning destinations, to add to the beginning or end of your cruise. 

There are many reasons to book a cruise and stay holiday. First and foremost, a cruise and stay holiday provides the opportunity to enjoy two completely different styles of holiday rolled into one magical experience - marrying a handpicked cruise with an unforgettable stay in a range of destinations across the globe. This means you can make the most of your time away and see even more of the world. 

What’s more, a cruise and stay holiday works for every type of traveller. Whether you’re a veteran cruiser, new to the world of cruising, a family looking for a modern, all-inclusive resort or a couple in need of a romantic getaway in an intimate setting where discrete service and candlelit dining come as standard, there’s a cruise and stay holiday for you. 

9. Northern Lights Cruises

The aurora borealis is Mother Nature’s most magical light show - more spectacular and breathtaking than anything you’ll ever encounter. Blazing their beauty across an endless canvas of empty sky, the lights glow luminous in an ever-changing tapestry of textures that will alter your perspective of the world.

Whether you choose to view them from shore or ship, the almost science fiction-like vortex of colours shifting and dancing across the sky in a peacock display is sure to make a lasting impression. If that isn’t enough to inspire you to book a Northern Lights cruise, perhaps the destinations will.

Many of our cruise line partners offer cruises to Norway with calls at ports including Ålesund, Tromsø and Kirkenes. The best time to see the northern lights is between September and April, with cruises available throughout the winter season, there will be no shortage of dates to choose from.

8. Solo Cruises

solo cruise is simply a voyage that one sets off on alone. As with every holiday, there is so much to see and do and that certainly doesn’t change on a solo cruise. 

There are so many reasons to head off on a cruise solo. Due to the nature of cruising, you are guaranteed to meet like-minded travellers while aboard your chosen ship. 

With so many activities onboard, you’ll be able to mingle and make some great travelling companions. Meanwhile, in port, you’ll have a fantastic range of shore excursions to choose from. So, if you’re worried about exploring a new city by yourself, fear not. Qualified, knowledgeable guides will show you the sights. Perhaps you’d rather march to the beat of your own drum? Being independent means you’re able to do whatever you want for every second of your holiday. 

7. Ultra-Luxury Cruises

Superb service, fine dining and opulent surroundings make for the ultimate in luxury cruising. Dining whenever and wherever you want, you’ll mingle with some of the most interesting people in the world - adventure seekers like yourself who expect the very best and have earned their passage aboard the world’s most exclusive cruise ships.

The atmosphere is both elegant and gloriously informal, giving you the chance to unwind and let the cares of the world drift by without the need to dress to impress. 

But unforgettable days and nights at sea will be only half the story. Smaller ships can reach the destinations that large liners cannot, without requiring the use of tenders. Unshaken but stirred, you can simply stroll down the gangplank into another paradise destination, handpicked to take you far from the madding crowd of tourists and sunseekers. 

6. World Cruises

world cruise is a travel experience like no other. Few people get to enjoy the unique pleasures of months of adventure aboard a luxury cruise ship sailing the seven seas.

From the comfortable elegance of your preferred ship to a wide range of activities and entertainment options, your favourite world cruise memories may even be the ones you create on board. Make lifelong friends along the way who share your passion for art, history, culture and travel.

Every cruise ship has its own unique ambience and every world cruise has its own itinerary. For some, a full 90 or 120-day world cruise itinerary may not work but that’s where we step in. We’re here to help find your preferred sector of the journey. Either way, you’ll experience the ultimate celebrity lifestyle, savour fine dining from dusk ‘til dawn, enjoy attentive service and sleep soundly, soothed by gentle waves before waking to yet another magical destination.

5. Christmas Cruises

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. So, why not leave the household chores behind and celebrate Christmas in style aboard a luxury cruise ship? Imagine waking up on Christmas morning in the splendid surroundings of a sumptuous stateroom in the Caribbean Sea, the Mediterranean or Dubai where the sun beams down and the crystal clear water reflects the clear blue sky. 

Without the worry of preparing a traditional Christmas dinner, you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast, a relaxing soak in the tub, a conversation with newfound friends or simply sit back, relax and revel in the festivities of the holiday season.

Enjoy watching the attentive staff make the magic happen as you sit around the traditionally decorated Christmas tree, swapping gifts with your loved ones. Make Christmas decorations, learn Christmas carols and decorate gingerbread houses together with fellow guests and crew.

4. Adults-Only Cruises

Many cruise lines have pioneered adult-only cruises. Their ships are entirely child-free or at the very least, they offer many adult-only facilities. In most cases, adult-only ships welcome aboard those 18 and over but Saga Cruises, for example, have a strict 50s and over policy.

There are many reasons to book an adults-only cruise. There will be no demands on your time as you favour fine dining, meet like-minded companions or watch the ocean slip by from the solitude of your stateroom balcony. With no set routine and nobody to please except yourself, you can relish each forthcoming destination, knowing you have the freedom to wander at your leisure as you soak up the sights and sounds of each magical place. 

You may choose to use your time at sea to reconnect with your other half, soothe your soul with pampering spa treatments, take in spectacular late-night shows or simply take your leave of the real world with all its demands on your energy and time. Whatever you choose, you’ll disembark feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and inspired.

3. All-Inclusive Cruises

An all-inclusive cruise offers great value for money. Comfortable cabins, fabulous food and enthralling entertainment all come as standard on a normal cruise. But when you book an all-inclusive cruise, you’ll enjoy free drinks, shore excursions and gratuities in some cases.

But what’s included in an all-inclusive cruise? Almost everything you could think of! Hidden extras are a thing of the past when you embark on an all-inclusive cruise. You’ll never need to feel guilty about ordering that last nightcap again. 

What other type of holiday allows you to enjoy first-class entertainment, high-quality food and drink and complete freedom from gratuities, without having to reach for your card?

2. No-Fly Cruises

no-fly cruise is simply a cruise that departs from and arrives back at a UK port. You can pick from many UK cruise ports including Southampton, Portsmouth, London Tilbury, Dover, Newcastle and Liverpool.

There are many reasons to pick a no-fly cruise. A convenient way of travelling, no fly-cruises cancel out all the stress and anxiety that may come from spending time flying whether that be arriving at the airport hours before your flight or worrying about finding the right terminal. 

Want to head off on a world cruise but worried about how much luggage you can take? Fear the moment you place your suitcase on the scales and the numbers it blinks back confirms you’ve overpacked? With a no-fly cruise from the UK, there are no restrictions on baggage allowance, meaning you can pack as much or as little as you require!

1. Last Minute Cruise Deals

last-minute cruise offers considerable savings on sailings with departures scheduled up to 90 days ahead. There are many reasons to book a last-minute cruise. Imagine this: you find yourself in a state of complete relaxation, reclining on a comfortable lounger. The radiant sun delicately warms your skin, while you indulge in the refreshing taste of a piña colada. As a soft breeze gently tousles your hair, you are enveloped in a serene atmosphere. Sounds lovely, right? 

Last-minute relaxation is just around the corner when you book a last-minute cruise. Most importantly, last-minute cruises offer truly unmissable deals which means you can save money for shore excursions and onboard experiences, allowing you to truly make the most out of your holiday.

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