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6★ Iceland & Greenland Adventure

Seabourn Venture 24 Jul 2025 15 nights Fly Cruise Flights Included Reykjavik

Exclusive Complimentary Private UK Chauffeur Service*

Drinks, Wi-Fi, Gratuities & Shore Excursions Included*

Exclusive Savings of up to £13,800*

FREE hotel stays in Reykjavik, Iceland*

Itinerary: Reykjavik, Iceland - Heimaey, Westman Islands, Iceland - Umivik - Skjolden - Aapilattoq - Qaqortoq, Greenland - Hvalsey - Nuuk, Greenland - Evighedsfjorden - Sisimiut...
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(full fare £12,099) Balcony from £9,499pp

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Glaciers, Fjords & Indigenous Cultures

Seabourn Venture 30 Aug 2024 15 nights Fly Cruise Reykjavik

All-inclusive ultra-luxury cruising

Wi-Fi & Gratuities Included*

Complimentary On Board Spend of up to $2,200*

Complimentary fine wines, spirits, champagnes, ales & soft drinks*

Itinerary: Reykjavik, Iceland - Heimaey, Westman Islands, Iceland - Umivik - Skjoldungen Fjord, Greenland - Aapilattoq - Qaqortoq, Greenland - Hvalsey - Narsaq - Tugtutok - Brattahlid...
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Balcony from £7,898pp

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Greenland Explorer: Reykjavik - Copenhagen

Scenic Eclipse 23 Aug 2024 14 nights Fly Cruise Reykjavik

Complimentary Wi-Fi On Board*

No tips required on board*

Unlimited premium drinks on board*

Expert-led Shore Excursions Included*

Itinerary: Reykjavik - Narsaq - Paamiut - Nuuk - Evighed Fjord - Ilulissat - Upernavik - Disko Bay - Sisimiut - Kangerlussuaq - Copenhagen, Denmark
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Suite from £8,220pp

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What to see in Kangerlussuaq

Kangerlussuaq, nestled in Greenland's remote wilderness, captivates with its untamed beauty and Arctic allure. Serving as a gateway to the Arctic, this tranquil outpost offers boundless opportunities for outdoor adventures, from hiking glacier-carved valleys to witnessing the mesmerising Northern Lights, promising an unforgettable journey into Greenland's rugged landscapes.

One of the most iconic attractions in Kangerlussuaq is the majestic Russell Glacier, a massive ice sheet that stretches across the landscape, offering visitors a glimpse into Greenland's icy heart. Embark on a guided tour to the glacier's edge, where you'll witness towering walls of ice, brilliant blue crevasses and cascading waterfalls of glacial meltwater. As you stand in awe of the glacier's imposing presence, you'll gain a newfound appreciation for the power of nature and the delicate balance of the Arctic ecosystem. Marvel at the intricate patterns and textures carved into the ice over millennia, and listen as your guide shares insights into the glacier's formation, movement and significance in Greenland's natural history.

One of the most captivating phenomena in the Arctic is the Midnight Sun, a natural spectacle that bathes the landscape in golden light during the summer months. In Kangerlussuaq, visitors have the rare opportunity to witness this awe-inspiring phenomenon firsthand, as the sun hovers above the horizon for nearly 24 hours a day. During the height of summer, from late May to early August, the skies over Kangerlussuaq remain aglow with the soft hues of twilight, creating a surreal atmosphere that is both enchanting and mesmerising. Take advantage of the endless daylight to embark on outdoor adventures such as hiking, kayaking or wildlife watching, knowing that you have ample time to explore and soak in the breathtaking beauty of the Arctic landscape.

Kangerlussuaq is not only a gateway to Greenland's natural wonders but also a hub of Inuit culture and heritage, offering visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich traditions and customs of Greenland's indigenous people. Take part in cultural experiences such as traditional drum dancing, storytelling and craft workshops, where you'll learn about the history, language and customs of the Inuit people. Visit the local museum to explore exhibits on Inuit art, history and mythology, and gain insights into the ancient traditions and way of life that have sustained Greenland's indigenous communities for millennia. Engage with local artisans and craftsmen, who create intricate carvings, textiles and other traditional handicrafts using techniques passed down through generations.

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