Cruises to Mormugao

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A location with a touch of spice

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A colourful coastal escape

Sitting right on the coast, Mormugao offers some of the best coastal views in India. With the harbour at the forefront of activity in the area, visitors can expect to see stunning vistas wherever they look. The port was built in 1963 and has contributed to the sheer growth of the town and maritime trade in the whole of India, the port today is used for exporting iron around the world.

A look back into naval history

One of the main attractions in Mormugao is the Naval Aviation Museum sitting on the edge of the town, close to the port. The museum has grown in popularity over the years and is now home to 15 types of aircraft and welcomes up to 4,000 visitors a month. The planes and other aircraft on display date from World War II and include Hughes Helicopters, Sealand’s and Vampires.

An ancient fort awaits

Mormugao Fort was built from 1624 and was built due to orders from the Portuguese State of India. These fortifications were built to relieve people from the endless plagues and attacks that raged the country. These forts have soon been invaded but remnants of their duties still stand present to this day and can be seen when visiting the town. The forts are the perfect spot to get a view across the whole of the bay and beyond.

Soak up the sun with Sahasea

One of the favourite activities in Mormugao for locals and those on an adult only cruise is Sahasea sunset stand up paddleboarding. Experience the warmth of the Indian ocean and explore the coasts of Mormugao on a sunset paddleboarding experience. Head out onto the water, paddle in hand and stand up as you gently bob out to sea.

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