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ROL Cruise: 2024 cruise calendar

Different types of cruises and when you should go on them

Published on 13 Dec 2023

Planning ahead is the name of the game when it comes to booking a cruise. But knowing when to go and which type of cruise is for you is a different ball game. In our handy 2024 cruise calendar, we’ll guide you through different types of cruises and when you should go on them. 

2024 cruise calendar:

January: World cruises

January emerges as the unrivalled choice for embarking on a world cruise, epitomising the pinnacle of seafaring adventure. As the new year begins, travellers are filled with fresh optimism, making it an ideal time to set sail on a journey that promises exploration, culture and excitement. The weather in many regions is favourable, avoiding extreme heat or cold, allowing passengers to relish each destination to its fullest. Moreover, January offers a quieter, less crowded cruising experience, ensuring personalised service and the freedom to savour serene moments amid the vast expanse of the ocean. It’s the perfect start to a year filled with boundless discovery and unforgettable memories. 

Sail with: Holland America Line 

February: Solo cruises

February stands out as the ultimate month for embarking on a solo cruise adventure. It’s a time when the world’s most beautiful destinations embrace a more intimate ambience, making it perfect for the solo traveller seeking solitude and reflection. With fewer crowds onboard, one can relish the peace and tranquillity of a personal journey, fostering self-discovery and connections with fellow passengers who share a similar spirit of exploration. The weather in many regions is still mild, allowing for comfortable excursions and outdoor activities. In February, the open sea becomes a canvas for self-discovery, making it an unparalleled time for solo cruisers to embark on a memorable voyage of self-renewal and adventure. 

Sail with: P&O Cruises 

March: Northern Lights cruises

March shines as the optimal month for embarking on a Northern Lights cruise, offering an enchanting spectacle of nature’s wonders. As winter starts to wane, the Arctic skies become clearer, enhancing the chances of witnessing the ethereal Aurora Borealis in all its splendour. With longer nights and milder temperatures, passengers can comfortably enjoy the magical light show from the deck of their cruise ship. Additionally, March brings the opportunity to explore Arctic destinations, their wildlife and unique cultures, adding depth to the overall experience. March’s combination of ideal conditions and mesmerising celestial displays makes it the ultimate time for a Northern Lights cruise, leaving travellers with indelible memories of this celestial dance. 

Sail with: Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

April: Small ship cruising

April emerges as the quintessential month for small ship cruising, offering a harmonious blend of favourable conditions and intimate experiences. With spring in full swing, the seas are often calmer, ensuring a smoother voyage as smaller vessels navigate pristine waters. This month invites travellers to explore hidden gems and less-crowded ports, fostering a deeper connection with each destination. Smaller groups onboard create a tight-knit community, encouraging camaraderie and shared adventures. The mild weather allows for outdoor exploration without the discomfort of extreme temperatures. In April, small ship cruising offers a unique, personalised and serene way to uncover the world’s treasures, making it an unforgettable journey for those seeking an authentic and immersive experience. 

Sail with: Oceania Cruises

May: River cruises

May is a river cruise enthusiast’s dream come true. As spring blossoms in full glory, the world’s rivers burst with life, offering an unparalleled scenic backdrop for a memorable journey. The weather is mild, creating comfortable conditions for leisurely exploration of charming towns and cultural landmarks along the riverbanks. With foliage in bloom and wildlife active, May promises a vibrant and picturesque landscape at every turn. Furthermore, smaller crowds ensure an intimate and serene river cruise experience, allowing passengers to immerse themselves fully in the rich history and culture of each destination. In May, river cruising unveils the world’s beauty in a way that is truly unmatched. 

Sail with: Uniworld River Cruises

June: Adults-only cruises

June stands as the perfect month for adults to embark on an exclusive voyage, free from the distractions of younger holidaymakers. The tranquil atmosphere provides a haven for relaxation, romance and rejuvenation. As the summer season begins, many families opt for different holiday plans, granting adults-only cruises a more serene and refined ambience. This setting fosters genuine connections among fellow passengers, as like-minded travellers unite to relish gourmet cuisine, indulge in spa treatments and partake in tailored adult-oriented activities. In June, an adults-only cruise promises a peaceful getaway, allowing guests to bask in uninterrupted serenity and sophisticated pleasures on the open seas. 

Sail with: Ambassador Cruise Line

July: Cruise and rail

July unfolds as the prime month for embarking on a captivating cruise and rail adventure. It combines the best of both worlds: the luxury and comfort of a cruise ship and the scenic, immersive charm of a train journey. As summer reaches its zenith, travellers are treated to a tapestry of vibrant landscapes and culture. Cruise and rail packages offer a seamless transition from the open sea to picturesque rail routes, creating a dynamic and enriching travel experience. Plus, the longer daylight hours allow for extended exploration, while the mild weather enhances the outdoor vistas. In July, these dual-destination packages promise an unforgettable, multi-faceted voyage that caters to both adventure seekers and culture enthusiasts alike. 

Sail with: Celebrity Cruises

August: All-inclusive cruises

August emerges as the ultimate month for indulging in an all-inclusive cruise experience. With the warm summer sun casting its glow, the seas beckon with tranquillity and adventure. All-inclusive packages mean stress-free travel, where every detail from dining to entertainment is expertly curated. The abundance of fresh, seasonal ingredients delights the palate, while onboard activities and excursions cater to a wide range of interests. August’s balmy weather also opens the door to idyllic beach destinations and outdoor exploration. As the world sizzles with possibilities, an all-inclusive cruise in August ensures that travellers bask in luxury, relaxation and endless discoveries, making it the apex of the cruise season. 

Sail with: Regent Seven Seas Cruises

September: 6★ and ultra-luxury cruising

September is the pinnacle of luxury cruising, particularly for those seeking the epitome of opulence and sophistication. As summer wanes, the world’s most exclusive 6-star and ultra-luxury cruises offer an unparalleled experience. With fewer travellers onboard, guests revel in personalised, white-glove service, where every desire is meticulously catered to. The pleasant, temperate weather ensures comfortable exploration of exquisite ports and cultural treasures. Moreover, the select group of fellow travellers creates an intimate, refined ambience, fostering connections and shared moments of indulgence. In September, 6-star and ultra-luxury cruises transcend ordinary travel, delivering an extraordinary journey where elegance and extravagance merge seamlessly, leaving travellers with priceless memories. 

Sail with: Seabourn

October: No-fly cruises

October emerges as the prime season for embarking on a no-fly cruise adventure, offering a seamless, stress-free journey by sea. With the hustle and bustle of summer travel subsiding, travellers can expect fewer crowds at ports and onboard, creating a serene atmosphere for exploration. The mild, comfortable weather lends itself to leisurely days on deck, absorbing picturesque coastal views. A no-fly cruise eliminates the hassle of airports and long flights, allowing passengers to savour every moment from the moment they step onboard. In October, the world’s oceans become a tranquil highway, beckoning travellers to embark on an effortless, all-encompassing maritime voyage, replete with relaxation and discovery. 

Sail with: Cunard

November: Cruise and stay packages

November is the pinnacle of the cruise and stay package experience, offering the perfect blend of exploration and comfort. As autumn hues paint the landscapes, travellers can embark on their cruise adventure knowing that the weather is still pleasant in many regions. After the cruise, the package unfolds into an extended land-based sojourn, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the local culture, cuisine and attractions. With fewer tourists, it’s easier to savour authentic experiences and engage with the destination’s unique offerings. November’s charm lies in its versatility, offering both the thrill of cruising and the depth of immersive stays, ensuring a truly enriching and unforgettable travel experience. 

Sail with: Princess Cruises

December: Christmas cruises

December shines as the ultimate time to embark on a Christmas cruise, where the magic of the festive season meets the allure of the open sea. The festive ambience onboard is unparalleled, with ships adorned in glittering decorations, enchanting light displays and a sense of yuletide joy in the air. As you sail to different ports, you can explore charming Christmas markets, indulge in seasonal delicacies and witness cities and towns bedecked in their holiday finest. With mild seas and cooler temperatures, it’s a comfortable journey that blends the joy of travel with the warmth of cherished holiday traditions. A Christmas cruise ensures an unforgettable and heartwarming celebration at sea. 

Sail with: Scenic River Cruises

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