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The view over Central Park’s lake

5 American dishes you need to try

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the variety of delicious food

Published on 23 Jun 2023

Setting off on a cruise to America? Towering skyscrapers, magnificent malls and beautiful bays await. But let’s not forget the food! The food in America is some of the most diverse in the world. Here are the 5 dishes you need to try on your US adventure: 

Dishes to try during your cruise to America

Breakfast at Stanley


Stanley in New Orleans serves up all-day breakfast, brunch and homemade ice cream. When Haydy from Squibb Vicious visited she tried the Stanley Classic, “The Stanley Classic has scrambled eggs, smoked bacon, Creole breakfast potatoes and multigrain toast. When I say the wait to brunch here was well worth it, I 100% mean it. The Stanley Restaurant oozes cool decor, lovely staff and the best Creole potatoes ever.

“We hadn’t planned on eating here but the queue outside caught out eye. The bacon was pecan smoked, the toast was multigrain and the coffee just kept coming! It was an ideal way to start the day and fuel ourselves ahead of our busy itinerary.” 

Haydy told us why she recommends a US cruise, “America is just so diverse, no matter what you like there are 101 things to do. Having been to 15 states, there’s still so much for me to explore and every time I visit, I can guarantee that my trip will be nothing like the last. It has some of the best theme parks in the world and cities that never sleep.” 

Burgers at The Loeb Boathouse

New York State

Central Park is one of the most iconic places in New York. At 3.5 square miles of greenery, it’s a welcome space of peace and tranquillity within the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. What’s more, it’s a great place to stop for food. 

The Loeb Boathouse, which is situated in the heart of Central Park, is a haven for holidaymakers wanting to escape the metropolitan surroundings and relax for a few moments. “The best burger I’ve ever had was at The Loeb Boathouse,” Emma from Me, The Man & The Kids told us. “At $5.75 it was also one of the cheapest burgers in New York away from your typical burger chains. It had the perfect fresh ingredients to make it the ultimate cheeseburger. But I think what made it even more enjoyable was the fact we got to sit and eat it in Central Park taking in the view around us.” 

Hot dogs at Nathan’s Famous


Hot dogs are an integral part of the American food scene. Many restaurants serve hot dogs with sides like fries, corn or salads for a filling sit-down meal but if you have a packed schedule and need to grab a bite to eat on the go, then you’re sure to find a street vendor. 

While in New York, Emma went to Nathan’s Famous, “We found the ultimate chilli dogs at Nathan’s Famous over on Coney Island, a setting which was perfect for a hot dog lunch. It’s home to the world-famous hot dog eating contest which I think we would have a good chance at taking on seeing as we were still left wanting more after having two hot dogs each.” 

Nathan’s Famous was born from a hot dog stand at Coney Island more than 100 years ago and now boasts restaurants across the world. Other delicious dishes to get your taste buds tingling include the original Philly cheesesteak hot dog, corn dog on a stick and bacon ranch fries. 

Pies and breakfast at Coco’s Bakery


Coco’s Bakery is well known for its pie selection, which includes flavours like dark chocolate and raspberry, summer citrus and classic pecan and lemon meringue. The chain, which has 45 restaurants across California, Arizona and Nevada, has scooped top accolades from The American Pie Council for its pastry-filled creations. 

Alongside pies, Coco’s Bakery serves American breakfasts, steaks with all the trimmings and salads. Emma visited the Anaheim restaurant for a hearty breakfast, “This was indeed a taste of an all-American breakfast. You certainly wouldn’t get a plate in the UK with sausages, fried eggs, French toast, bananas, whipped cream and walnuts. Not forgetting the side of maple syrup to top it off.” 

Tacos at Slapfish


Seafood lovers will be impressed with the choice of cuisine available at Slapfish. The seafood restaurant has several branches located across several states. 

“What always strikes me about America is the variety of cuisine,” says Lara Joanna Jarvis. “I adore the Mexican-inspired menus that feature in so many Californian restaurants and I always go for fish tacos when they’re available. 

“During our last trip up the Pacific Coast Highway, our first stop was in Huntington Beach, the sun warm on my back and the hot, salty area swirling around me. I knew I had to find my fish tacos and I knew where to do just that, at Slapfish. Ridiculously fresh and deliciously tasty street food and it was all enjoyed whilst sat on the golden sand watching my children play happily on the beach. Bliss!” 

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