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Are cruises expensive?

There are a lot of myths surrounding cruising. Many of these myths can be the reasons people are missing out on cruising all together, so we thought it was best to shed some light on these common misconceptions. In this article, we talk to cruising experts to get the real lowdown on some of the things you may have heard.

Cruise myths debunked:

·Cruising is expensive

·None of the ports cruise ships stop at are interesting

·Cruises are only good for people who want to relax

·The food on cruises isn’t’ fresh or of a high standard

·Sea days are boring

·Cruising is only for old people

·Seasickness will ruin my cruise

·You don’t get enough time in port

Myth: Cruising is expensive

Cruising is expensive- ROL Cruise


One of the biggest myths we hear about cruising is that it’s expensive. However, with just one price to pay for EVERY part of your holiday cruising often turns out to be the same or even cheaper than a traditional holiday.

We spoke to Adam Coulter, UK Managing Editor of Cruise Critic. He spoke to us about this myth: “A land-based holiday, in general, would often cost a lot more for the same sort of accommodation, food and entertainment package offered by a cruise. Modern-day cruise ships are packed with innovative onboard activities, such as ropes courses, water parks, mini-golf, movie theatres, rock climbing walls, zip wires, bumper cars, Las Vegas-style shows, surfing and skydiving simulators - and a host of other thrilling offerings to suit all ages. In fact, a cruise often makes a cost-effective choice for big groups or families – since some of the cheapest cruise cabins can often sleep four. Third and fourth passenger fares can also be discounted off the regular cruise rates, so for large groups, a cruise can make a truly affordable holiday option.

“There are now also more exciting cruise itineraries than ever before, sailing directly from the UK to the Med, Canaries and Caribbean, so travellers don't have to worry about the added costs and hassles of flying.

“To get some of the best cruise deals of the year, we recommend checking out the deals being offered by cruise lines during Wave Season – the renowned cruise promotional period from January until March. Wave Season provides travellers with the chance to grab a real seagoing or river cruise bargain, as well as a host of added extras, such as free drinks packages, onboard credit, buy-one-get-one-free fares and cabin upgrades.”

The object you want to link to.Myth: None of the ports cruise ships stop at are interesting

Ports aren't interesting- ROL Cruise


This simply is not true. Cruises go all around the world, to big cities and small towns. You’ll be able to experience locations like the beautiful rugged landscapes of Alaska and the remote islands of the Indian Ocean on a cruise ship. Thanks to ships now being available in various sizes, more and more ports are becoming possible locations so it’s impossible that you won’t find a ship that goes to a destination of your liking.

Myth: Cruises are only good for people who want to relax

Cruises are only good for relaxing- ROL Cruise


Maybe in the past cruises were thought of as holidays for those who want to relax, but now there is a cruise for everyone. For those who are looking for a real adventure, we suggest trying an Expedition cruise. These cruises mix adventure and relaxation to make for an enthralling holiday, so be sure to pack your walking shoes!

We spoke to Danielle Fear, a cruise expert and blogger at Cruise Miss. We asked her if she thought cruises were only good for people who want to relax: “Absolutely not, cruises are for anyone and everyone, and you can do as much or as little as you like. There are so many options available and a wide variety of ships that can offer you rest and relaxation (if that's what you're looking for), or you can load up on action and spend your days climbing walls, racing dodgem cars, doing obstacle courses on the top deck and even whizzing around the decks on various water slides. You'd be surprised at what you can find at sea these days!”

Myth: The food on cruises isn’t fresh or of a high standard

Not fresh food- ROL Cruise


Cruise ships pride themselves on having fantastic cuisine. Modern ships focus on creating exceptional dining experiences and provide a wealth of options. You won’t be limited to a set menu on ships now you’ll be able to choose between everything from elegant steakhouses to laid-back burger joints, all on one ship. Find out more about the best cruise ships for dining in our recent blog post.

Adam from Cruise Critic spoke to us about his experience with this: “One of the key things holidaymakers love about cruises is the exceptional cuisine served from morning to night. Indeed, most cruise lines stake their reputation on their food, so they certainly invest a lot of time and planning to making sure they offer the best menus possible that can tempt most appetites.”

Myth: Sea days are boring

Sea days are boring- ROL Cruise


Hearing “sea days are boring” is something that is sad to us. The incredible cruise ships that are being produced are some of the most fantastic entertainment venues in the world. A prime example of the many different kinds of entertainment on offer is Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. On this one ship alone, you can find: a casino, Dazzles Bar & Nightclub, Explorers Lounge, Night Club, Ocean Theatre, On Air Club, Theatre, H20 Water Park, Ice-Rink, Mini-golf Course, Rock Climbing and a sports pool. And that’s on top of the spa facilities, fitness facilities and multiple dining experiences. With all those activities and more, you won’t be able to find enough time in the day to even think about being bored.

Myth: Cruising is only for old people

cruising is only for old people - ROL Cruise


With so many ships, destinations and things to do the idea that cruising is only for one type of person is ridiculous. Cruising is perfect for everyone. From laid-back river cruises for those enjoying their retirement years, to our great range of family friendly cruises and incredible destinations sure to thrill every kind of traveller, everyone will love a cruise.

We spoke to Lisa, editor at Cruising with Kids, Lisa often cruises with her family and spoke to us about why she enjoys it so much: “Cruising is perfect for a family holiday because it’s so convenient, relaxing and fun. Everything you could possibly need for your child is provided, including buffet food around the clock - perfect for picky eaters! Kids clubs to meet new friends and allow parents a well-deserved break, night nursery so parents can enjoy a rare date night and of course fantastic facilities for all ages from soft play for tots to rock climbing and water slides for adventurous teens.”


A post shared by Cruising With Kids (@cruisingkidsuk) on

Lisa has written an article about the 7 things your kids will love about cruising, but she gave us her personal favourite thing: “The best thing I think about cruising with kids is that you get to travel to lots of different places all with the convenience of your children only needing to get used to sleeping in one cabin. No packing, unpacking, getting used to new rooms as you would need to on a road trip.”

As an industry expert, we asked Adam from Cruise Critic about this: “The average age of cruise passengers overall has fallen to its lowest for 20 years, and we predict that cruises will continue to prove a compelling option for younger crowds and specialist groups, since so many cruise lines are now catering to their needs. Not only is there a significant growth in themed cruises, such as television and movie cruises - but cruise lines are also ramping up ship-based dance, trance and top DJ hosted music festivals. Certain cruise lines are also targeting millennials and young professionals by creating new ships specifically created with them in mind. U by Uniworld, for example, launched its millennial-focused The A and The B river ships this year– so there is certainly an increasing trend to attract a younger audience.

“Cruising is also a great holiday choice for multigenerational families. With so many ships and cruise lines offering a wide range of onboard activities and destination itineraries, there really is something for every member of a family to enjoy. A cruise is a convenient all-in-one holiday for families – not only because it can satisfy a variety of generational tastes, but also because you hit multiple destinations and experiences together, all on one holiday.”

Myth: Seasickness will ruin my cruise

Seasickness cruise- ROL Cruise


Thanks to the large size of cruise ships, most people never experience any seasickness at all. For those that do, it is a lot less than usual. In the instance you do get seasick, the teams aboard your ship are expertly trained and will be able to help you quell the symptoms quickly and professionally.

Lisa from Cruising with Kids used to work onboard cruise ships, so we knew she’d be the perfect person to bust this myth: “- I worked onboard cruise ships for three years and in that time, I did experience a few passengers who were experiencing sea sickness. The best remedies to combat seasickness is plenty of fresh air, ideally taken on the prom deck midships where the ship moves the least. Drink Ginger Ale or eat anything that contains ginger as it is great for settling stomachs. Some passengers swore by seasickness bands but I’ve never needed to use them, to be honest. 

“On a pleasant day I honestly don’t think you can tell you are sailing at sea when on a cruise ship. Stabilisers prevent cruise ships from rolling around too much and create a lovely smooth sailing experience.”

Adam from Cruise Critic spoke to us about dealing with seasickness on a cruise: “For those concerned about seasickness, there are plenty of remedies to help you get your sea legs and enjoy your cruise to the fullest. One of the most widely recommended remedies is a scopolamine patch applied behind the ear at least eight hours before exposure, with effectiveness for up to three days.

 “A natural remedy that cruisers swear by is to chew ginger candies or have a glass of ginger ale. Other remedies include eating green apples, wearing acupressure wristbands, heading outside for fresh air and looking at the horizon.

“If you are susceptible to motion sickness, then it might be an idea to book a low-deck, midship cabin. You can also book a port-intensive itinerary in order to spend as few days at sea as possible.”

Myth: You don’t get enough time in port

Not enough time in port- ROL Cruise


Making sure you get enough time in port for everything you want is important, but with most ships, this won’t be a problem at all. Most ships will stop in ports for the whole day, and you can even find ships that stop overnight in some of the most popular ports. You can check the expected arrival times on your cruise’s itinerary before you book to ensure you get enough time. One of the lines we recommend for getting the most time in port is Azamara Club Cruises, who pride themselves on offering long port days.

Danielle from Cruise Miss also spoke to us about how to make sure you maximise your time in port: “Some itineraries offer more time in port than others and if you're looking for a cruise that allows enough time to really explore each place that you visit, the best thing you can do is ask for the help of a cruise expert at ROL Cruise. They will be able to guide you in the perfect direction and ensure if you want port time, they pick a cruise line that is destination-led. Some cruise lines offer multiple overnight options and even extended land tours!”

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