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Dogs around the world, celebrating #NationalDogDay

To celebrate #NationalDogDay, we thought we’d delve into the history of breeds of dogs from around the world.

Dog breeds around the world

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26 Aug 2019

Today is #NationalDogDay so to celebrate we thought we’d delve into the history of breeds of dogs from around the world. From German Poodles to Canadian Labradors, we’ve got all you need to know about a range of dog breeds . Happy National Dog Day!

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever, Canada

Though many believe that Labrador Retrievers originated in Labrador, Canada, the breed in fact originated in Newfoundland in the 1500s. During this time, many Labrador’s were owned by fishermen who used them to retrieve fish from the water.

In the early 1800s Labradors were imported to Poole, England and from there the breed began to grow in popularity. Hunters and farmers began to incorporate Labradors into their daily lives due to their work ethic. In 1917, Labrador Retrievers were recognised by The American Kennel Club and the breed became a loving pet to many families.

Fact: For many years, Labrador Retrievers have topped the list of Canada’s 10 most popular dog breeds proving they’re still very much loved by their birthplace.

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Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier, Scotland

The Scottish Terrier, also popularly called the Scottie, is one of five breeds of terrier that originated in Scotland. Details of Scottie dogs date back to 1436 but it wasn’t until the 19th century that the breed became popular.

Scottish Terriers are small, compact, short-legged with a hard, wiry coat. They are very territorial, alert, quick-moving and often feisty, and are known to be independent, self-assured, playful and intelligent.

Fact: Today, there are approximately 550,000 dogs in Scotland meaning 21% of the Scottish population are dog-owners. With a tradition as a dog-loving nation, dogs and puppies remain valued companions for many individuals and families in Scottish society.

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Poodle, Germany

Much like Labradors, the Poodles origin is often mistaken – with many believing they are French, not German. The word poodle comes from the German Pudelhund, which in English means ‘puddle dog’. The breed did, however, became popular in France where it was later named as the national breed.

The Poodles original purpose was to hunt and for many years was primarily considered a water retriever due to the pattern and texture of its coat. In the 19th century, fashionable women in France began carrying poodles around as elegant companions but popularity later waned.

Fact: In 2012, the total number of dogs in the world was estimated to be 525 million. Today, there are 900 million dogs in the world! Though many families keep dogs as pets, the majority of the world’s dogs are free-range.

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Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier, America

The Boston Terrier was first recognised by The American Kennel Club in 1893 and from 1905 to 1939, the breed was the most popular dog in the United States. Still today, they remain a popular and devoted companion, keen, intelligent and biddable, they can adapt to almost any situation and thrive in it.

Fact: In 1921 at a ceremony to commemorate the United States’ 102nd Infantry, the US Army awarded a gold medal to an honourable war dog: Sergeant Stubby. The Bull Terrier, possessing three service stripes and one wound stripe, was given rank in the US Army, making him the first dog to ever earn it. The comforting, protective war dog was also rewarded a medal from France. Sadly, Sergeant Stubby died in 1926 – he will always be known in the United States as the “greatest war dog.”

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Basset Hound

Basset Hound, France

The Basset Hound, known for its short-legs and droopy face, is a scent hound that was originally bred for the purpose of hunting hare. The first mention of a Basset Hound was in 1585 in an illustrated hunting text written by Jacques du Fouilloux and the controlled breeding of the short haired basset began in France in 1870.

Their name derives from the French word bas, meaning low, with the attenuating suffix, et¸ meaning rather low. Basset Hounds are friendly, outgoing and playful dogs with soft coats that shed constantly. Usually, they are black, tan and white tricolours or tan and white bicolours.

Fact: Elvis Presley famously sang Hound Dog to a very disinterested top hat wearing basset hound named Sherlock on The Steve Allen Show in July, 1956.

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Pet-friendly cruises

Pet-friendly cruises

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On some Princess Cruises Alaskan itineraries, there is the opportunity to meet an Iditarod dog team, play with husky puppies and experience the exhilaration of being pulled by a dogsled team across the beautiful Alaskan landscape. You’ll even have the chance to take a selfie with an adorable Husky puppy!

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