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Cruises to Eskifjörður

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Top Eskifjördður Cruises

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Icelandic & Scottish Stars - Reykjavik to London

Marina 20 Aug 2024 9 nights Fly Cruise Flights Included Reykjavik

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Itinerary: Reykjavik, Iceland - Isafjordur, Iceland - Husavik, Iceland - Eskifjördur - Torshavn, Faroe Islands - Stornoway - Glasgow - Dublin (Dun Laoghaire), Ireland - Southampton
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2025 5★ All-Inclusive Canada, Greenland & Iceland

Marina 26 Jul 2025 29 nights Fly Cruise Flights Included Montreal

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FREE $1,400 Shore Excursion Credit*

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Itinerary: Montreal, Canada - Quebec City, Canada - Saguenay, Quebec, Canada - Baie-Comeau - Charlottetown, Canada - Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada - Paamiut, Greenland - Narsaq -...
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Iceland Intensive Voyage

Azamara Quest 12 Jul 2025 9 nights Fly Cruise Dublin

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5★ all-inclusive luxury cruising*

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AzAmazing EveningsSM event on most voyages*

Itinerary: Dublin - Torshavn - Klaksvik - Eskifjordur - Husavik, Iceland - Akureyri - Isafjordur - Reykjavik
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Inside from £2,426pp

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What to see in Eskifjördður

Visiting the picturesque village of Eskifjörður in Iceland’s eastern fjords is akin to stepping into a world where the pace of life is dictated by the rhythm of the sea and the seasons.

Start your exploration with a visit to the Maritime Museum, located in an old fisherman's lodge by the harbour. This museum, known locally as the Sjóminjasafnið, offers an intimate look at the lives of the fishermen who have braved the North Atlantic for centuries. As you peruse the eclectic collection of fishing gear, boats and historical photographs, you'll gain an appreciation for the hardiness and ingenuity of the Icelandic people. After the museum, wander down to the docks and strike up a conversation with local fishermen. If you’re lucky, you might even be invited aboard one of the boats for a closer look at the tools of their trade.

A short drive from Eskifjörður port lies the Helgustaðanáma, an abandoned mine that is the world's most significant known source of Iceland spar (calcite). These naturally occurring crystals, renowned for their purity and clarity, were once used in scientific research, including experiments by renowned physicist Isaac Newton. Although collecting crystals is now prohibited to preserve the site, you can still explore the area and see the shimmering stones in situ. The play of light through the transparent calcite creates a mesmerising dance of reflections and rainbows that is both a photographer's dream and a natural wonder to behold.

After your historical and geological adventures, it’s time to unwind, and there’s no better way to do so than by indulging in a beloved Icelandic tradition – a visit to a geothermal pool. Eskifjörður’s swimming complex is a hub of relaxation and community life. The outdoor pool, heated by geothermal energy, invites you to bask in its warm embrace while taking in the view of the fjord and surrounding landscapes. It’s not just about swimming; with hot tubs, a sauna and a steam bath, your muscles will thank you after a day of exploration. Don’t miss the chance to chat with locals here; these communal spaces are where the pulse of Icelandic culture beats the strongest.

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