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Balcony from £3,799pp

Norways Night Skies

  • 16 Feb 2020
  • 15 nights
  • Ship: Spirit of Discovery
  • No-Fly Cruise

Itinerary: Southampton, Bergen, Norway, Andalsnes, Norway, Tromso, Norway, Alta, Norway, Narvik, Norway, Southampton

Includes: Free chauffeur service or port car parking*, drinks & gratuities included*, optional travel insurance included*, price promise - book early for the best deal

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Norway and Northern Lights

  • 08 Oct 2019
  • 12 nights
  • Ship: Queen Elizabeth
  • No-Fly Cruise

Itinerary: Southampton, Alesund, Norway, Tromso, Norway, Narvik, Stavanger, Norway, Southampton

Includes: Choice of car parking, on board spend or coach transfers*, earn exclusive cruise miles, no-fly cruising, fantastic destinations*

Inside from £2,369pp

Aurora Explorer

  • 21 Feb 2020
  • 16 nights
  • Ship: Saga Sapphire
  • No-Fly Cruise

Itinerary: Southampton, Bergen, Norway, Alesund, Norway, Tromso, Norway, Alta, Norway, Kristiansund, Norway, Stavanger, Norway, Dover, England

Includes: Optional travel insurance including, additional cancellation rights, or a reduction if not required (cover is subject to medical questions), drink inclusions vary depending on voya…

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A town of captivating contrasts



Flowers growing on the streets of Alesund

Flowers growing on the streets of Alesund

Mount Aksla from Alesund

Mount Aksla from Alesund

Norwegian seaport boats

Norwegian seaport boats

Sunmore Alps

Sunmore Alps

View of Alesund from Aksla Mountain

View of Alesund from Aksla Mountain

ROL Cruises recommends…

Take a scenic drive to Geirangerfjord

Your cruise to Ålesund simply wouldn’t be complete without a visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site, a location which is sure to take your breath away. Set in an S shape, the magnificent 15km-long Geirangerfjord inspired the artists behind the hugely popular Disney movie, Frozen. This stunning natural wonder is the setting for a number of picturesque waterfalls, while visitors enjoy the hiking and kayaking opportunities available in this humbling environment.

Bear witness to stunning architecture

While the natural beauty of the city is one of the major draws for Ålesund cruise passengers, its man-made architecture is pretty special too. After the devastating fire of 1904 ravaged the town and destroyed 850 houses, its streets were rebuilt over the following three years. The focus on intricately designed Art Nouveau buildings now places Ålesund alongside cities like Barcelona and Vienna when it comes to striking architecture. A walk through its charming streets will uncover towers, turrets and many other tiny details, all of which bring the aesthetic appeal of the town into sharp relief.

Get a true taste of old Norway on an Ålesund cruise

For something completely different on your next cruise holiday, make your way to the open-air Sunnmøre Museum, with its fascinating collection of 50 exquisitely-preserved buildings. Featuring architectural styles ranging from the Middle Ages to the start of the 20th century, you can explore old schools, farmhouses and church booths, amongst other buildings. All of this is designed to give you an absorbing insight into Norwegian life over the centuries. Sunnmøre also features a notable collection of historic boats, including the Kvalsund ship, which dates back to the year 690 AD.

Outstanding views just waiting for you on your Ålesund cruise

For enchanting vistas and excellent photo opportunities on your cruise to Ålesund, you won’t want to miss the fantastic  Aksla Viewpoint. Whether you choose to walk up the 418 steps, take the city train or drive, you’ll enjoy amazing panoramic views encompassing the archipelago, Ålesund town centre and the spellbinding Sunnmøre Alps. There’s even an outdoor restaurant up at the top where you can have a bite to eat while drinking in the view.