The Northwest Passage: In Wake of Great Explorer

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  • Day 1

    Edmonton, Canada

    30 Aug 2019

    Explore Edmonton at your leisure. Edmonton is the capital city of the province of Alberta and located on the North Saskatchewan river. Stroll through the Fort Edmonton Park, Canada’s largest living history museum, discover the West Edmonton Mall, the largest mall in North America and enjoy the longest stretch of urban parkland in North America, the Edmonton’s river valle

  • Day 2

    Edmonton, Canada

    31 Aug 2019

    An early morning transfer will take you to the airport for your flight to Cambridge Bay. 

  • Day 2

    Cambridge Bay, Canada

    31 Aug 2019

    The community of Cambridge Bay is located on the southeast coast of Victoria Island. In Inuinnaqtun, it is called ‘Iqaluktuuttiaq’, meaning a ‘good fishing place.’ The hamlet is located close to the Ekalluk River, which is famous for giant char. It is rich in archaeological history and blessed with abundant fish, seals, geese, muskoxen and caribou. Transfer to the port and embark MS Fram for your 12 night voyage

  • Gjøa Haven, Canada

    Day 3

    Gjøa Haven, Canada

    01 Sep 2019

    Gjøa Haven is a popular destination for fans of Arctic history. The name honours the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, who wintered here on the Gjøa Expedition and called the place ‘the finest little harbour in the world.’ Amundsen and his men spent two years at Gjøa Haven collecting scientific data, hunting caribou and exploring the surrounding area. When Amundsen arrived, there was no European settlement here, but he was in contact with the local Inuit and learned a lot from them about survival and travel in polar regions. The local Inuit people, the Netsilik Inuit, are direct descendants of the ancient Thule people and have lived in the area for over a thousand years

  • Day 4

    Cruising the James Ross Strait

    02 Sep 2019

    The strait runs between King William Island and the Boothia Peninsula and, based on conditions at hand, you will attempt landings for hikes or small boat cruising

  • Day 5

    Cruising Conningham Bay and sailing through Bellot Strait

    03 Sep 2019

    Today tender boats will be launched to explore the bay where wildlife sightings may include belugas and polar bears

  • Day 6

    Fort Ross, Canada

    04 Sep 2019

    At the end of the channel is historic Fort Ross, a trading post established by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1937. There are still two small huts ashore that are maintained by the Canadian Coast Guard, occasionally used by the local Inuit for shelter during hunting trips.

  • Day 7

    Beechy Island and Radstock Bay

    05 Sep 2019

    Beechy Island is closely linked to the history of exploration of the Northwest Passage. The most famous voyage, one surrounded in mystery, is the British expedition led by Sir John Franklin. Two ships sailed into the passage in 1845, but neither the ships nor any of the 129 crew members were ever seen again. Three graves on the shore (plus another from one of the search parties) is proof of the unfortunate outcome for the expedition members. Next up is Radstock Bay, dominated by the striking landmark Caswell Tower – a prominence of sedimentary rock rising from the sea.

  • Day 8

    Landcaster Sound & Devon Island

    06 Sep 2019

    Here you may see several seal species such as walrus, beluga or even narwhal. Polar bears are frequently seen in the area and the tundra around the shore supports small populations of Arctic hare and musk ox

  • Pond Inlet, Baffin Island

    Day 9

    Pond Inlet, Baffin Island

    07 Sep 2019

    In the morning, you will cruise the spectacular Arctic landscape of Eclipse Sound The picturesque hamlet of Pond Inlet, also called ‘Mittimatalik’ in Inuktitut, is a traditional Inuit community, surrounded by mountain ranges, with several dozen glaciers, scenic fjords and inlets. This is where the search for high Arctic wildlife, such as polar bears, can begin. Pond Inlet is also a great place to see large pods of narwhal, signalling the start of your Arctic safari. Ashore, the cultural performance by the local community will be a highlight.

  • Day 10

    Cruising the Davis strait

    08 Sep 2019

    This strait was named for the English explorer John Davis, who led three expeditions in the area between 1585 and 1587. Davis was the first to draw attention to seal hunting and whaling possibilities in the Davis Strait, and to show that the Newfoundland cod fisheries extended this far north

  • Day 11

    Cruising the Davis strait

    09 Sep 2019

  • Ilulissat, Greenland

    Day 12

    Ilulissat, Greenland

    10 Sep 2019

    This small town is now probably the most famous and visited destination in Greenland. The reason for this lies a few kilometres to the south of town – the spectacular ‘Icefjord’ which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The name Ilulissat literally means ‘icebergs’ and the reason for this becomes clear on approach to the town. The glacier at the head of the icefjord is the most productive in the northern hemisphere, calving icebergs on a massive scale. These icebergs then make their way down the 20km fjord before entering Disko Bay

  • Sisimiut, Greenland

    Day 13

    Sisimiut, Greenland

    11 Sep 2019

    En route to Sisimiut, make sure you’re out on deck to scout for whales. The waters close to the settlement are frequented by several species, such as humpback and fin whales. Harbour porpoise and minke whales can be encountered along the west coast of Greenland. If you’re lucky, you may also see large numbers of seals, the most common being the harp seal. Sisimiut is situated 40km north of the Arctic Circle and is a modern settlement that maintains ancient traditions. Ashore, visit the small museum, hike in the hills and shop for local handicrafts. Just across Disko Bay is Disko Island and settlement Qeqertarsuaq. This is where the Gjøa Expedition and the second Fram expedition stopped to get dogs and other equipment on their way to the Northwest Passage

  • Day 14

    Kangerkussuaq Fjord

    12 Sep 2019

    Kangerlussuaq means 'big fjord' and, MS Fram will sail almost the entire length of the fjord (190km) before reaching the town. As we arrive in Kangerlussuaq, the expedition is over.  After disembarkation, you will join a final excursion towards the Greenland Ice Cap, the Reindeer glacier. This vast icy wasteland stretches 1,500 miles north and reaches heights of up to 3,200 metres above sea level. The road to the edge of the Ice Sheet boasts beautiful natural scenery, ranging from Arctic desert and tundra with low growing shrubs, to hilly terrain offering breathtaking views over the landscape. Join a Barbecue meal before we transfer you to the airport for your late evening flight to Copenhagen.

  • Copenhagen

    Day 15


    13 Sep 2019

    Arrive in Copenhagen and walk to the airport hotel for your overnight stay

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The Ship

MS Fram continues the heritage of the original Fram, using the most advanced technology making it extraordinarily suited for expedition voyages in polar regions. Fram means forward – raising expectations of the voyage at hand.

MS Fram

Launched: January 2007 | Occupancy: 318 passengers

Tonnage: 11,647 tons | Length: 114 ft (34.75 m)

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