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Our Partnership with More Trees

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At ROL Cruise, we’re committed to providing unforgettable travel experiences. But we also recognise our responsibility towards the planet we call home. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with More Trees, a leading nonprofit organisation dedicated to reforestation and environmental conservation.

Why Reforestation Matters:

Forests are the lifeblood of our planet. They play a crucial role in mitigating climate change, purifying the air we breathe and providing habitats for countless species. Yet, deforestation threatens these vital ecosystems. By partnering with More Trees, we are taking a proactive step towards addressing this global issue.

Our Pledge to Reforestation:

For every cruise booking made with us, we’ll plant a tree with the help of More Trees. This not only helps restore forests in areas affected by deforestation but also aids in offsetting the carbon footprint of cruise travel.

Making a Sustainable Impact:

With this partnership, every cruise you book through us becomes a part of a broader movement for positive change. You have the power to make a difference by choosing sustainable travel options that actively support reforestation efforts. Together, we can reduce our ecological footprint and nurture a greener, more sustainable future.

Join Us on this Journey:

We’d like to invite you to be a part of this transformative partnership. By booking your dream cruise through us, you are not only embarking on unforgettable adventures but also actively contributing to the preservation of our planet’s natural beauty and biodiversity. Together, we can nurture a greener tomorrow. Thank you for choosing ROL Cruise, where your travels leave a positive mark on the world.