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September Cruises

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Canada in the fall

Embrace the changing seasons or somewhere sunnier!

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Whether you’re hoping to celebrate the end of summer on a Caribbean cruise prolong the sunshine with a trip to the Canary Islands, there are plenty of good reasons to book a September cruise. As well as catching the last of the sunshine, the leaves will begin to change in New England and Canada, welcoming the fall season.

Why book a September cruise?

Rather than mourning the end of the summer here in the UK, why not take a look at our September cruise deals and board a ship to New England and Canada? New England is said to be one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in September, and Canada’s comfort foods are guaranteed to please as the weather cools. On September cruise holidays, you can tuck into pancakes with maple syrup, poutine (one of Canada’s most popular dishes made with fries, cheese curds and gravy) or a traditional Montréal smoked meat sandwich. Other popular places to see the colours of autumn on a September cruise are Tokyo, Paris, and Bruges.


Enjoy the last of the sunshine on a September cruise to Europe or the Mediterranean

For those feeling slightly unsettled at the thought of yet another summer passing by, a cruise to Europe or the Mediterranean to catch the last of the sunshine is an excellent idea and September is a great time to do so. Head to the sunnier climes of Portugal, including Porto, on a Douro River cruise, or visit the picture-perfect city of Lisbon. Alternatively, cruise to southern Spain and stop at Cadiz, Gibraltar and Málaga, for comfortable September temperatures in the mid-20s. Best of all? You can sail from the UK, with no hassle.

Canada Salmon

September is the perfect time for wildlife spotting

Over in South America, towards the end of September and the start of October, the continent’s spring conditions mean wildflowers bloom and new-born animals emerge with the rise in temperatures. If you’re planning a cruise to Alaska via British Columbia, September is arguably the best time of year to witness grizzly bears catching salmon.