“When is the best time to book a cruise?” is a question lingering in every cruiser’s mind before booking a holiday. Whether you are new to cruising, or a repeat cruiser, you’ll want to ensure you are getting the best deal you can when booking your getaway. In this article we give you some top tips on the best time to book your cruise. 

Last Minute Cruise Deal

Last Minute

If you are looking to head off as soon as possible a last minute cruise deal is for you. Last minute deals are negotiated by our dedicated team so that we can make sure we bring you the best possible deal on the remaining spaces on board.

Last minute cruise deals are perfect for those who:

  • Are spontaneous: Often when you book a last-minute cruise you can end up travelling to corners of the world you didn’t expect. These last-minute bookings are a great way of tapping into your spontaneous side and letting the cruise dictate your destinations.
  • Live near the port: Living close to the port is always an advantage for cruising, but especially when looking at last minute cruises. This means you don’t need to organise other, longer-haul travel such as trains or flights which can be cheaper when booked in advance.
  • Are able to travel at the drop of a hat: Last minute cruises are great for those who are lucky enough to be able to just get up and go. If you have flexibility, a late cruise deal can mean you are able to get a bargain and not have to be dictated by your schedule.
  • Are looking to travel closer to home: Far-flung cruises are usually more likely to sell out earlier, which leaves more localised cruises open to late deals. If you are looking to travel around Europe a last-minute offer could be perfect for you. There are still last-minute deals for more far-flung cruises however, so keep your eye out for those too.
When To Book a Cruise

Early Booking

‘The early bird catches the worm and he who hesitates is lost’, a familiar saying to most and a good rule for cruising. Early booking is the best way to get a great deal on your dream cruise and ensure your perfect room.

Early booking is perfect for those who:

  • Are looking to travel further away: As a rule of thumb, the further away you are looking to travel the further in advance you should book. Not only do far-flung cruises often sell out quicker, some locations like Alaska are only sailed to at certain times of the year so there are less cruises available.
  • Live further away from the port: If you do live far away from the port you may need to arrange additional travel. When looking to book trains, hotels or flights to get to your port and home again, booking earlier can mean better deals on those sections of your trip as well.
  • Know exactly where they want to go: If you know exactly where you want to go, what’s stopping you from booking early? It means you’ll ensure you get the cruise you want at the time you want, and you won’t need to worry about rooms selling out before you book.
  • Know what cabin they want: Often with last-minute deals the rooms available are limited. If you are determined to get that Ocean View Stateroom, then booking early can ensure you get the cabin you want at the best price available.
  • Are travelling with a large group: If you are intending to travel with a large group and will require multiple rooms, booking early can ensure your rooms are all on the same deck. Leaving it late may mean limited availability can affect your group.

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If you have any questions about booking a cruise, then get in contact with our team who will be more than happy to assist you in any way we can. Happy booking and we can’t wait to welcome you aboard!

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