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The best travel vloggers you need to watch

When you can’t travel in real life, travel online

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21 Apr 2020

In the times that we are unable to travel, we are still able to see the world through the lens of another. Travellers have been documenting their voyages for many years now in the form of vlogging, and watching these vlogs, past or present, is a wonderful way to quell wanderlust whilst we are at home.

In this article, we list the best travel vloggers you should watch.

Paulina on the Road

Our first suggestion is travel blogger turned vlogger, Paulina on the Road. Born in Luxembourg, Paulina loves slow travel, and also loves to keep sustainability in mind wherever she goes.

We spoke to Paulina, who told us what kickstarted her travel vlogging journey: “I started doing travel videos as it was a way to transmit emotions and sensations that I couldn't transmit via the articles of my blog. The combination of music, video and useful information can indeed be very powerful when looking for travel inspiration. I usually do a short travel video and then provide all the background information about the destination on the blog.”



Paulina told us which video she’d say is a good introduction of her channel, she recommended ‘Slow Travel to Bialowieza Forest, Podlasie, Poland’, telling us: “I really like this video as it is colourful, melancholic and inviting to do sustainable travel. On top of that, the video quality is extraordinary, and I am featuring a local, folk band.”

Check out Paulina on the Road on YouTube

Hopscotch the Globe

The team at Hopscotch the Globe consists of Kristen and Siya, a couple who have travel in their veins. They offer both independent and couples travel advice, and their content has followed their lives together, including the recent arrival of their first baby.

We spoke to Kristen and asked what inspired the duo: “Both of us have a passion for both travel and storytelling, so it's only natural that we started creating travel videos. We've been creating travel videos before YouTube was even a thing or anyone was making money from it. When your job is born from passion, it doesn't get any better than that and success is bound to happen.”



It was their ‘This Will Motivate You to Travel’ video they recommended for newcomers: “This should fuel that wanderlust and make you want to explore more.”

Check out Hopscotch the Globe on YouTube

Sophie’s Suitcase

Sophie, a travel blogger at Sophie’s Suitcase, is a London based traveller who has reached all corners of the globe. Although new to vlogging, she already has a good backlog of videos ready for binge-watching.

We spoke to Sophie, who told us: “I have had my blog for ten years since 2010 and it has changed over the years, as my own personal life changed. In 2017 I decided to start vlogging to see how it went and I loved it. I fell in love with the creativity of vlogging, and it built my confidence, as well as providing me with another creative outlet. I now create vlogs for every trip I go on, and my recent vlogs have included Sri Lanka, Scotland, Budapest and a cruise around the Mediterranean.

“I love watching back my own videos from trips and reminiscing about weird and wonderful things that happen when you travel, stuff that sometimes you don't cover through a blog post or Instagram story. I am new to vlogging, but I hope people love what I create and I can grow over the years.”



We asked Sophie what the first video on her channel she’d want someone to watch is: “I think the first video people should watch as an introduction to me if my vlog to 'MY EPIC YEAR 2019' as it’s an overview of all the trips I went on in 2019 and it's my favourite yet. I love this vlog and it’s a highlights reel of the amazing people, food, culture and travel I got to experience last year.

“So many experiences, so many friends, so many opportunities. I actually start welling up just watching this video. I feel so lucky for everything 2019 bought me, and I can't wait to see how 2020 will play out!”

Check out Sophie's Suitcase on YouTube

Justin plus Lauren

Another travelling couple, Justin plus Lauren are a pair of Canadians with a love of travel. As well as travel, they are both lovers of the outdoors and nature, so many of their videos highlight some of the best outdoor adventures around the world.

We spoke to Lauren, who told us about their journey into travel vlogging: “Justin and I love making travel videos together, and we both actually first met when we worked together in the television industry! We both worked as video editors for a national TV broadcaster. While Justin still works there and I'm now a full-time travel blogger, he loves lending his production skills to our travel videos. We want to capture those amazing travel memories and beautiful places in order to share them with the world.”



Lauren suggested what people should check out first: “Our cinematic video of Scotland is a great place to start! This video was shot over two weeks during a road trip of the Scottish Highlands.”

Check out Justin plus Lauren on YouTube

Tips for Travellers

Gary started as a travel enthusiast and soon become a cruise lover. Because of this, if you are looking for cruise content, his blog, Tip for Travellers, and YouTube channel, is for you. With in-depth ship reviews for lines from p and o to Azamara, excursion vlogs, cruise advice and more, there is no end of cruise content available on Gary’s channel.

Gary told us what inspired him to start a YouTube channel: “As a bit of a geek, when YouTube started, I wanted to try it out. As I was in a global marketing job travelling around the world two or three weeks every month, I started filming places, hotel rooms and tours I would fit in around my work. They started to take off and then I discovered cruising and posted more about that. This content then really took off as I shared my passion and experiences, and people increasingly wanted to find out about cruising.”



We asked Gary what video he’d suggest people check out when visiting his channel for the first time. He told us his Alaska Cruise Tips video has been his most popular over the past 12 months.

Check out Tips for Travellers on YouTube

Visit with Us

Richard and Helen are the team behind Visit with Us, a couple who, after their three children flew the nest, are pursuing their love of cruising more. Lovers of a luxury cruise, if you are looking for reviews of ships, itineraries and destinations their channel is for you.

We spoke to Richard, who told us about the origins of their video adventure: “The thing that most inspired us to start making videos was the experiences themselves we were having were just too good not to share. We tend to cruise on smaller ships mostly, with interesting and varied itineraries that are for the most part, so picturesque, you can’t fail to want to share them with others. So, we set about getting the best possible camera we could afford and started this beautiful hobby of recording our experiences not just for others to enjoy, but for ourselves to look at in years to come with warmth and gratitude that we were lucky enough to have been able to travel as extensively as we did.”



When we asked Richard which video he would recommend, he said: “Wow, that’s a tough one and it seems the most popular videos on our channel are the ‘Complete Dining Guides’ which showcase a particular cruise ship’s food offerings. 

“BUT, my all-time favourite has got to be our Silver Galapagos vlog series. The video I had most fun with, got the most teary-eyed over and consider it a perfect example of what we do on our channel has got to be this, part four, the final part of our Galapagos Islands experience. The Galapagos is such a unique and special place in the world, I just love it and I hope you will too!”

Check out Visit with Us on YouTube

We hope you enjoyed this article, and hopefully find a travel vlogger that inspires you. And, when the time does come to once more pack our suitcases and explore the world, we hope our cruise holidays can help you achieve the trip of your dreams

The best travel vloggers:

  • Paulina on the Road
  • Hopscotch the Globe
  • Sophie’s Suitcase
  • Justin plus Lauren
  • Tips for Travellers
  • Visit with Us
The best travel vloggers you need to watch | ROL Cruise

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