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Could you survive a night in the wilderness?

People often theorise what they might do in a survival situation. Would they be an expert fire maker, or perhaps excel at hunting? Would they be able to step up and lead the group, or would they struggle to adapt? In this article, you can take our quiz to finally find out how you would manage if left to survive in the wilderness. After that, discover some of the most awe-inspiring wilderness-rich travel destinations you can visit on a cruise as well as some of the best survival tips for if you are ever caught in a dire situation.


Wildernesses around the world

All around the world, there are amazing wildernesses you can visit, however, living there would be a whole other story. Now you’ve found out how well you’d fare in a survival situation, we wanted to take a look at some of the amazing landscapes around the world you can visit on one of our cruise holidays.

Matt Smith, the Managing Director of Primal Adventures Bushcraft & Survival, spoke to us about the importance of spending time outside, within nature and the great outdoors: “With so much technology used in modern daily life, it is vitally important to disconnect from devices and reconnect with nature. There is a primal instinct in each and every human. Spending time in the great outdoors and engaging with nature has been proven to de-stress, calm and relax individuals.  Spending time in green space encourages quality time with the family and inspires risk-averse children to try new activities.”

We also spoke to Tasmin, a UK-based lifestyle and outdoor adventure blogger at Grandiose Days. Tasmin Told us why she believes everyone should try and spend more time outdoors: “We live in a growingly digital world and that's one of the reasons why I think it's so important for people to get outdoors.

“Switching off your phone, cutting ties with the digital world and spending time exploring the great outdoors is amazing for your mental state, too! If I ever need a break from everyday life, a weekend outdoors always leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever the week ahead may bring. Few things are as good and getting back to basics, releasing your inner-child and exploring nature.”

Amazon Rainforest

The jungle: The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is a truly beautiful place unlike anywhere else on earth. The rich fauna is filled with life in the forms of brightly-coloured birds, idle sloths, caimans and much more. Cruising here really is the trip of a lifetime as you get to see everything from the water, and you get to explore the cities and towns that have somehow paved their way in this unlikely environment.

Sahara Desert

The desert: The Sahara Desert

Known for being dry, desolate and massive, the Sahara Desert is certainly a tricky place to visit. Covering a staggering 9 million square kilometres (that’s 31% of Africa!), getting dropped in the middle of this forbidding land with no warning would be a cruel twist of fate for even the most hardened survival expert. However, if you want to experience the Sahara, it can be accessed by cruise via Morocco. The port cities here sit on the Sahara’s edge and there are a lot of great opportunities to hop on a dune buggy or camel and explore a small part of this great sand sea.


The Polar desert: Antarctica

On the opposite end of the scale from the Sahara is Antarctica. This polar desert is nearly twice the size of Australia and coated in a thick layer of ice. The only other living beings you’ll find here are research scientists and penguins, although plenty of sea life lives around its shores. With freezing temperatures almost all year round, even when only stepping foot here for a day it’s well worth wrapping up warm.

Survival Advice

Survival advice from experts

If you ever find yourself in a sticky survival situation, there are some tips you can follow that can help. Although we hope you’ll never need these, it doesn’t hurt to know some top survival tips just in case.

“Keep your attitude in check.”

Tasmin, Grandiose Days

Tasmin’s advice also referred to your state of mind. She said: “Asides from the basic survival skills such as being able to build a shelter; start a fire and find a clean water supply, my number on survival tip has to be to keep your attitude in check.

“When you're outdoors, it can be easy to get yourself in a tricky situation. However, those tricky, and sometimes fatal, situations can also be easily avoided if you just keep your ego in check. Always be careful and vigilant and never allow yourself to become overconfident! The outdoors can be wild so it's good to remember that and keep your senses about you as you're exploring.

“If you do find yourself in a less than ideal situation, then similarly keep your attitude in check by remaining calm instead of panicking. Although it can seem like the natural response to a dangerous situation, blind panic isn't going to help you. So, take a deep breath, find clarity and approach things with a sense of calmness. You'll be far more likely to find a solution to your problem with a calm mind!”

“Fire is the ultimate survival tool.”

Survival Life

Survival Life, a site dedicated to all forms of survival, offer myriad tips for survival. However, there was one that really stood out in its conviction, and that was knowing how to start a fire. “We use the term lifesaving a lot in survival and preparedness, and truth be told, all of the things we talk about can possibly save your life. Fire, however, is the ultimate survival tool. You can use it as a very basic form of shelter by keeping you warm and avoiding hypothermia. It will sanitize your water for you making it safe to drink, it will keep predators (and other creepy crawlies) away and allowing you some much-needed rest.”

“You must have the will and motivation to survive.”

Matt Smith, Primal Adventures

Speaking again to Matt, the Managing Director of Primal Adventures, he gave us his one ultimate tip for anyone in a survival situation: “Ultimately, you must have the will and motivation to survive. You can only survive using your existing knowledge and skills. Individuals can watch countless television programmes, read books and listen to podcasts relating to survival, however, these must be put in to practice through experiential learning, battling against inclement weather and other unexpected factors. Only then people have a taste of the determination and stamina required to survive outdoors.”

“Keep calm and carry on surviving.”

Megan Hine

Survival expert and consultant to Bear Grylls, Megan Hine’s top tip is to keep calm. She told RadioTimes: “It is natural when you find yourself in a survival situation to want to act immediately. Unless the situation dictates otherwise, take a moment to calm yourself down. People who act out of panic make rash decisions. If you are able to view your situation in a logical manner and can make assessed decisions, and you will massively boost your chances of survival. You have survived so far, so there is nothing to say you can’t stick it out. Just take one small step at a time.”

“Skills are much more important than survival gear.”

Twin Eagles

As the scouts say, ‘be prepared’, and this next tip from wilderness survival blog Twin Eagles mirrors that sentiment: “Hands down, skills are much more important than gear when it comes to wilderness survival. You can buy and collect all the best gear in the world, but what happens if you forget it? Or lose it? Or use it up? Then you'll be relying on yourself and your skills.”

Can you survive a night in the wilderness?
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