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Foodie Instagrammers to follow before your next cruise

Be inspired by these foodie Instagrammers before your next cruise

Photographing food on cruise holiday

Posted on

19 Dec 2019

Food bloggers are taking Instagram by storm sharing pictures of their tasty meals and tempting treats from their travels.

Following foodie Instagrammers is a great way to glean inspiration before you set off on your next cruise. Whether you are in search of a simple yet satisfying supper or your taste buds are craving something sweet, our guide will show you some of the best bloggers to follow.

Very Hungry Nomads

Instagram handle: @veryhungrynomads


A post shared by Rach&Marty


Rach and Marty from Very Hungry Nomads are on a mission to be the first Australian woman and Slovakian woman to visit every country in the world. The pair left their jobs and sold their possessions to embark on a culinary adventure and explore the world, one country at a time.

The pair have amassed 13,800 followers on their Instagram account which includes snaps of traditional food from the countries they have visited, as well as the glorious landscapes they encounter. Their recent trips have included South Africa, Mauritius and Madagascar where they have sampled some of the country’s tastiest meals.

Rach and Marty told us that Japan provided them with a memorable culinary experience: “The Japanese have a way in which they treat food that we have not seen anywhere else. They strive for perfection, clean flavours and impeccable presentation every time. We can’t wait to return to Japan to go on another self-made food adventure and immerse ourselves further into this fascinating culture.”

The pair believe it is important to travel and taste new foods because: “People are proud to share their cuisine with you. The best part is that you don’t need a common language when food is present, the food acts as a natural bond and often body language and a smile is all you need to share a good food experience.

“We enjoy travelling for so many reasons, you could say we feel most comfortable when we’re out of our comfort zone. Waking up in a different city or country every other week is a feeling like no other. We love to explore new cultures, meet new people and gain a different perspective of the world, but ultimately a huge motivation for us is to discover the food. We’re huge fans of street food and local eating spots as we feel this is the most genuine representation of the food in the countries we visit.”

The Vegetarian Voyager

Instagram handle: @thevegetarianvoyager


A post shared by The Vegetarian Voyager (@thevegetarianvoyager) on


Deepika writes about her foodie adventures on her blog The Vegetarian Voyager as well as posting pictures on her Instagram account to her 1,298 followers.

Some of Deepika’s latest travels saw her enjoy rice rolls laden with red chilli and spring onions in Hong Kong, to light and fluffy savoury chickpea flour cakes from India. She told us that dietary requirements did not hold her back during her adventures: “One of the most memorable countries was Japan, and Tokyo in particular, was brilliant on the food front. Even with vegetarian options, I tried a new place, twice a day for three weeks and did not have a single bad experience. From foods with flavours to simple ingredients done right, I was head over heels in love with the food Japan had to offer. Even the basic, short-grained Japanese rice and soy sauce brought me joy.”

Girl Eat World

Instagram handle: @girleatworld


A post shared by ❤️ Mel's Food & Travel log (@girleatworld) on


More than 380,000 people follow Melissa’s Instagram account Girl Eat World, and for good reason. Scroll through her photographs and you will see a plethora of fine food shots as well as stunning architecture and breath-taking vistas from across the world.

Melissa, who also documents her travels on the Girl Eat World, told us why the allure of travel is so appealing: “It gives me the chance to experience different perspectives in life. Sometimes it's easy to pass judgement on another country, culture or race if you don't know much about it and haven't personally been exposed to it. I find that meeting locals, hearing stories directly from them and eating local food has had a bigger impact on me than reading or watching documentaries from afar.”

Japan is just one of the countries that Melissa enjoyed visiting for its cuisine and culture: “Growing up, I was heavily influenced by Japanese culture from reading Japanese comic books and watching Japanese television shows, which often features the character eating food I had never tasted before or seen in real life. So, getting to finally visit the country and seeing all the dishes and food I had heard so much about was quite memorable.”

Whether she is eating a chocolate cupcake loaded with colourful sprinkles in New York or enjoying jasmine flavoured macarons in front of the Eiffel Tower in France, Melissa enjoys travelling to have a break from day to day life: “I live in Singapore, and I have a full-time job. While I love my country and my job, travelling gives me a much-needed break from my usual routine. While I love being out and about, sometimes I even come home appreciating my country and the life I have here.”

Authentic Food Quest

Instagram handle: @authenticfoodquest

Run by Rosemary and Claire, Authentic Food Quest’s account is filled with images which are sure to whet your appetite.

The pair have travelled all over the world to capture their foodie escapades and share some insightful nuggets of information about the story behind certain dishes to their followers.

Rosemary and Claire, who also write about their feasts on their Authentic Food Quest blog, told us why they enjoy travelling: “We love the discovery and exploration that comes with it. Particularly, connecting with locals and immersing ourselves in the culture. We prefer to travel slowly to really get a full appreciation of the place. Through travel, we have learnt to step out of our comfort zones and become comfortable with the uncomfortable. We have grown as individuals and found the confidence to create our own paths.”

We also asked the duo which country stood out for its delectable cuisine: “This is a tough question to answer because the food in each country we have visited is so unique. The flavours are exceptional and the stories behind the foods are fascinating. 

“That said, the gastronomy in Peru was particularly memorable. Peruvian food is a beautiful confluence of cultures. From traditional dishes that date back to the Incas to Chinese and Japanese fusions, there are many exquisite flavours to devour. Additionally, food from the sea, mountains, and the Amazon forest will have you wanting more.”

One of our favourite types of Peruvian food is Nikkei cuisine, a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cultures. Peru has the second-largest Japanese population in South America (after Brazil) and when they migrated to Peru at the end of the 19th century, they took their cooking traditions with them.

“Nikkei cuisine was born as a result of the fusion of Japanese recipes and traditions with Peruvian ingredients. Ceviche Nikkei, a twist on the famous Peru ceviche dish is exceptional. Fresh fish that is marinated in lime and flavoured with ginger and soy is unmissable.”

The Nomadic Vegan

Instagram handle: @nomadic_vegan


A post shared by Wendy Werneth | Vegan Travel (@nomadic_vegan) on


Wendy from The Nomadic Vegan scours the globe to uncover culinary delights. The blogger has made it her mission to “empower vegans and aspiring vegans to live their travel dreams without compromising their values”.

From meat-free samosas to dairy-free peanut buttercream cakes, Wendy posts an array of foods suitable for vegans to her 8,690 Instagram followers: “A country’s cuisine can offer fascinating insights into the local culture. For example, when looking for vegan dishes in Greece, I inadvertently learned about the fasting traditions in the Greek Orthodox Church.

“For religious reasons, the Orthodox faithful eschew meat, dairy, eggs and most seafood for more than 180 days of the year! The more we learn about other people and their cultures, the more understanding and compassion we will have for each other. I truly believe that responsible, sustainable travel can help create world peace.”

Wendy told us that she returns to Italy time and time again partly for the wonderful array of food available: “There’s so much more to Italian cuisine than the standard pizza and pasta dishes served in restaurants outside Italy. 

“Dishes vary so much from one region to another that you could argue there’s no such thing as ‘Italian food’. I especially love the cuisines in southern regions like Puglia and Sicily, which happen to be very vegan-friendly. This is largely because, historically, most people in these areas were poor and couldn’t afford to eat meat regularly. One of my favourite dishes from Puglia is fave e cicoria, a hummus-like paste made from fava beans that are served warm and topped with cooked chicory leaves.”

Wendy, who has visited more than 100 countries, gave us some advice for people with dietary requirements who are thinking about setting off for a foodie adventure: “Don’t let fear hold you back from exploring the world! As Neale Donald Walsh said, ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’. Five years ago, I was terrified that travelling the world as a vegan would be impossible, but it turned out to be much easier than I thought. I enjoy travel even more now than I did before I was vegan.”

Salt Sugar Spice

Instagram Handle: @saltsugarspice 

More than 3,600 people follow Brenda’s account to see what dishes she has been enjoying during her travels.

From grilled salmon rainbow salads to cheese and charcuterie boards, Brenda not only enjoys sampling delicious cuisine abroad, but she also recreates her favourites in her kitchen at home: “Tasting new foods is such a meaningful component to understanding the culture of a new destination. Many times, the cuisine of a country is deep-rooted thousands of years back, there is much to be learned about the way a culture lives by the way a culture eats. Variety truly is the spice of life and experimenting with different flavours and ingredients is the best way to fully appreciate a different culture.”

Italian cuisine is one of Brenda’s favourites: “The pasta, cheese, cured meats are all so succulent and fresh. My husband and I particularly fell in love with a cured meat called Culatello, which has been described at the ‘king of prosciutto’. It's a cured ham from Northern Italy, just like prosciutto but the key difference is that Culatello is made using nothing but the thigh muscles, whereas Prosciutto maintains small portions of fat and rind. Culatello is like a buttery soft, salty slice of ham and feels like velvet in your mouth and is so tender that it practically melts away on your tongue. Sadly, to this day, we have not been able to find Culatello back home in the United States.”

Brenda, who also blogs at Salt Sugar Spice told us that travelling has been a significant part of her life: “I distinctly remember my first big excursion to Australia when I was 18 years old. I didn't have friends from home on the trip, I went in knowing nobody. I think you gain a more perspicacious understanding of ‘yourself’ when you are removed from all the superficial daily normalcy of life. And knowing who you are, deep down inside is an invaluable experience.”

The Munching Traveller

Instagram handle: @themunchingtraveller


A post shared by Michelle (@themunchingtraveller) on


For those wanting to fuel their wanderlust as well as finding culinary inspiration should follow The Munching Traveller.

More than 1,400 people follow Michelle on Instagram and if you scroll through her profile you are sure to gather inspiration for the tastiest food and best eateries to visit as well as stunning scenery from her travels.

“I enjoy travelling because it teaches me more about myself and helps me appreciate my home country a lot more. Sometimes, after going through a trying period at work, travelling also helps to relieve stress as I learn more about the culture and see the sights of beautiful cities all around the world. Also, it is truly amazing how technology has shaped so much of our travels, how we could get from one city to another via efficient air travel, high-speed rails, and ferries. Look how far man has come”, Michelle told us.

Michelle, who also writes The Munching Traveller blog told us why she thinks it is important to travel and experience new foods: “Food isn't just something that fills one's stomach, it also holds important culture and traditions. Heading to a different country to try its cuisine also allows one to learn more about the history behind it and why they prepare and eat what they prepare and eat.

“For me, I would say Japan is the most memorable in terms of food! I like how they incorporate food from all around the world, giving it a twist to make it uniquely Japanese. Nowadays, there's Japanese Italian food where sweet teriyaki sauce is used instead of the traditional ragu or carbonara.

“Japanese food is also extremely extensive - there's definitely something for everyone. Personally, my favourite has got to be the famed Ottoro (bluefin tuna). Besides the freshly prepared fish (be it sashimi or as sushi), Japanese chefs take pride in all the food they prepare and that is what impresses me the most. Even in fast-food chains, you'll rarely get food that is bad tasting. The gyudon (beef bowl) fast-food chains are one of my favourites where you can zoom into the eatery, order a meal via the ticket machine, get food served to you, all for an affordable price.”

No matter whether you are looking for family friendly cruises or cruises for single travellers, you are sure to revel in the opportunity to indulge in some of the tastiest cuisines during your excursions.

Foodie Instagrammers to Follow Before Your Next Cruise - ROL Cruise

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