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Cruises to London (Tower Bridge)

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What to see in London (Tower Bridge)?

London Tower Bridge, not to be confused with the more simple London Bridge upstream, is not only an emblem of architectural achievement but also a centrepiece in a district teeming with attractions.

A visit to the Tower Bridge Exhibition is a journey through the history and inner workings of the bridge. The exhibition provides access to the original Victorian engine rooms that once powered the bridge's lifting mechanisms. Here, you can marvel at the steam engines and coal burners that have been meticulously preserved. Ascend to the walkways, now with glass floors, to watch the bustling city life and river traffic 42 metres below. The exhibition offers stunning panoramic views of London, including sights such as the Shard, the Tower of London and the distant hills on the horizon. Interactive displays and videos throughout the exhibit tell the story of the bridge's construction and its significance to London's heritage.

Merely a stone’s throw from Tower Bridge lies the Tower of London, a historic castle and former royal palace that has stood by the riverbank for nearly a millennium. The Tower holds stories of royalty, intrigue and drama. It has served variously as a treasury, armoury and even a zoo. Today, it is best known as home to the Crown Jewels and as the site where numerous historical figures met their end. Guided tours by the Yeoman Warders, commonly known as Beefeaters, are both educational and entertaining, bringing to life the rich tapestry of British history associated with the Tower.

After exploring the grandeur of Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, take a moment to unwind at Potters Fields Park, nestled between the two landmarks. This peaceful green space offers a quiet respite from the city's hustle and bustle. With its grassy banks, tree-lined paths and a variety of flowering plants, it’s the perfect spot for a picnic with views of the bridge. During the summer months, the park becomes a venue for festivals and theatre productions, adding a cultural flavour to the natural setting.

Which cruise lines sail to London (Tower Bridge)?

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