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Rivers from Around the World

Check out some of the world's most impressive rivers

Rivers from around the world

Posted on

01 Dec 2016

Rivers are one of the most fascinating and beautiful natural wonders on earth and along with the sea and canals, they were once the main means of transporting goods.

As a result history and culture is ripe along the banks of the world’s rivers and this is one of the reasons these ancient highways are now popular destinations for river cruises.

River cruises offer you the chance to explore a certain destination in a quieter and more relaxing way than the modern-day transport of planes and trains.

If you fancy traveling in this luxurious way, take a look at the infographic we have created about some of the world’s finest waterways you can travel along.

The below infographic includes information on the length of the rivers, their average discharge per second, the countries they run through, the wildlife and attractions you can see along the way and a fun fact about the river.

Infographic about the rivers from around the world

Image Credit: Prasit Rodphan.

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