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Frequently Asked Smoking Policy

There are designated smoking areas on board most all ships as we understand this is important for those who do and do not smoke. This ensures the safety and comfort for all passengers and your cooperation is very much appreciated. Please check with your cruise line for more information.

Frequently Asked Tips and Gratuities - Are these included in the cost of my holiday?

These are not included in the cost of your holiday by most cruise lines, however this varies depending on the type of cruise you have booked and with which cruise line. For more information on your chosen cruise line’s policy, please ask at the time of booking where we can advise you further of this.  

Frequently Asked Transfers (Overseas)

Whilst these are usually included, if transfers are not included in the cost of your holiday and you would like assistance in arranging these, please call us on 0800 121 6191 and we will be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Laundry

Most ships have a payable laundry service available – please check your individual ships facilities or ask at the time of booking.

Frequently Asked E-mail and Internet Facilities

You may prefer to keep in touch with family or friends by e-mail rather than post cards, have some urgent business to attend to or simply want to research your next port of call. Please check your e-mail account is a webmail account with your provider, and there is usually AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo or similar available. Charges vary and are displayed on board. Please check with your cruise line for more information about internet packages and charges before you travel and to confirm what options are available as this may change depending on location and cruise line operator.

Frequently Asked Duty Free

In accordance with legislation, only alcohol purchased on board can be consumed on board and any purchases of liquor made whilst ashore will be securely stored by ship crew until the end of your cruise. There is no limit on duty free goods when you are returning to the UK from an EU country so long as this is for your own personal use.


If you are returning to the UK from a non-EU country then as per the advice issued by HM Revenue and Customs, please visit for more information.

Frequently Asked Dress Code

Cruising can be thoroughly informal with no dress code at all, or can offer a taste of fine cruising tradition with black tie cocktail evenings at the Captain’s Table. The ‘norm’ is somewhere in between. Some cruise lines are completely dress code free and others have a mix, with designated formal evenings. Please check with your cruise line for more information. 

Frequently Asked Dining Times

You can relax and eat what you want and when you want on most ships. You will be spoilt for choice with the variety of restaurants with flexible serving times. Dining times and table size should have been discussed when making your booking and may be on a request basis. If you need to discuss this in any more detail, please call us on 0800 121 6191.

Frequently Asked How do I pay for purchases whilst on board?

You will receive a ‘cruise card’ at check-in which you can charge all purchases made on board to i.e. refreshments, beauty treatments etc and you will be required to settle your account before disembarking. Payment is usually accepted by all major credit/debit cards and cash.

Frequently Asked What currency will I need when going ashore?

You can check your own currency requirements depending on your cruise itinerary with your local Bureau de Change, bank or on the internet.  You can also ask us at the time of making your booking. For more information, please check current exchange rates by visiting

Frequently Asked Contact Details - What if one of my friends needs to contact me whilst I am on holiday?

It’s always a good idea to leave your travel details with a relative or friend so they can be re-assured of your travel itinerary and whereabouts always. In the event of an emergency, you can ask them to call us on 0800 121 6191 and we will make every effort to contact you via the ship’s crew or hotelier.

Frequently Asked Children and Teens

A family holiday needs to be fun for everyone and toddlers to teenagers can look forward to a variety of activities on board most ships. Many children’s programmes are offered for specific age groups. More information on opening hours, supervision requirements and babysitting facilities can be obtained at the time of booking or via your cruise line.

Frequently Asked Beauty Treatments and Spa Facilities

Why not indulge yourself just a little more whilst on board with a visit to your ship’s spa or beauty salon.  Most treatments can be arranged once on board and are chargeable however please note that prices may vary between ships. For more information please check with your cruise line before travelling.

Frequently Asked Booking another ROL Cruise whilst on holiday?

Nominate ROL Cruise as your chosen Agent (by quoting our ABTA number: F9255) and you will not only benefit from the cruise line’s on board promotion

Frequently Asked Shore Excursions

Most cruise lines allow you the opportunity to book your excursions in advance. Please check with your cruise line for more information.

Frequently Asked Luggage Allowance

The following luggage allowance is provided to you as a guide only: -

  • Cruise Only          -               23kg Max per case, but no restrictions on the number of cases (all cases and luggage must fit into your booked cabin)
  • Flight                     -              Usually 20kg minimum per person but this is dependent on the airline and the class booked

NOTE: - Please check with your booking agent before travelling for specific information on luggage allowance for your cruise.

Frequently Asked Communication on Bookings

If you have not made the booking yourself, and you need to contact us to discuss it, please ensure that the lead passenger or person who made the booking has given us permission to do so at the time of the booking; however, any amendments that need to be made can only be done so by the lead passenger (whomever booked the cruise directly with ROL Cruise).

Frequently Asked Fred Olsen Shore Excursion Travel Labels

Please be advised that Fred Olsen send shore excursion booklets and luggage labels directly to customers booked to embark on one of their cruises approximately 6-8 weeks before travel, if you need to contact them directly, please contact the Shore Tour department on 01473 746163 (Open Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm). 

Frequently Asked What currency is used on board for billing my account?

  • APT -  Dependent on itinerary
  • AmaWaterways - Euros
  • Azamara - US Dollars
  • Celebrity Cruises - US Dollars
  • Cruise & Maritime Voyages - Sterling
  • Crystal - US Dollars
  • Cunard - US Dollars
  • Emerald - Euros
  • Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines - Sterling
  • Holland America - US Dollars
  • Hurtigruten - Norwegian Krone
  • MSC - Dependent on itinerary
  • Norwegian Cruise Line - US Dollars
  • Oceania - US Dollars
  • P&O - Sterling
  • Princess - US Dollars
  • Pandaw - Dependent on itinerary
  • Regent - US Dollars
  • Royal Caribbean - US Dollars
  • Saga - Sterling
  • Scenic - Euros
  • Seabourn - US Dollars
  • Silversea - US Dollars
  • Star Clippers - Euros
  • Swan Hellenic - Sterling
  • Uniworld - Dependent on itinerary
  • Viking - Dependent on itinerary
  • Voyages of Discovery - Sterling
  • Voyages to Antiquity - US Dollars

Frequently Asked How much money will I need?

It is advisable to ensure you have enough money to cover all eventualities and you also may want to take small amounts of local currencies and/or internationally accepted credit cards/debit cards.

Frequently Asked ROL Cruise Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors can currently be found on board many of our cruises. They are there to help ensure that your holiday runs as smoothly as possible. If you have questions on anything from Cruise Miles to documentation they will do their best to help. If they are on board your voyage you will receive a letter introducing them and advising where and when they can be found.

Frequently Asked Booking On board

Whilst on your cruise, you may want to take advantage of the offers and promotions available to re-book on board before you leave. When booking on board you will be offered special promotions exclusive to the cruise line and ROL Cruise and will still earn Cruise Miles on top of these offers.

Frequently Asked Cruise Line Language

The cruising language can seem confusing, so here we have listed some of the most common words and their meanings!

Aboard On the ship
Aft The back of the ship
Ashore On land
Berth A bed
Cabin/Stateroom A room on board
Category The price level of a cabin based on location, size & amenities
Debark To go ashore
Deck Each level/floor of the ship
Disembark To leave the ship
Dock A place to moor the ship
Embark To go aboard the ship
Fleet Several ships under the same ownership
Fore/Forward The front of the ship
Gangway Ramp or stairway between the ship and the shore whilst the ship is docked
Maiden Call When a ship visits a destination for the first time 
Maiden Voyage The first voyage of a new ship or destination
Master The person who oversees the ship; the Captain
Midships The middle section of the ship
Muster To assemble the passengers and crew
Muster station A meeting place on board the ship that usually refers to the area where one would go to get into lifeboats in case of an emergency
Nautical mile A unit of measurement equal to one sixtieth of a degree of the earth’s circumference; it’s measured in the U.S as 6,080.2 feet or internationally as 6,076.1 feet
Open seating A flexible dinner seating in which tables are not assigned
Passageway A hallway inside the ship
Passenger space ratio The number of gross registered tons (grt) divided by the total passenger capacity
Passengers to crew ratio The total number of passengers divided by the total number of crew members
Port The left side of the ship
Porthole A round window on a ship
Port of call A port at which the ship anchors or moors, and the passengers can disembark
Promenade An open deck that encircles a ship, often used for walking or jogging
Shore excursion A tour or guided activity in which guests participate whilst ashore
Stabiliser A retractable arm located below the waterline midships, which can be extended to help reduce the ship’s roll in rougher sea conditions
Starboard The right side of the ship
Stern The back end of the ship
Tender A small boat used to transport passengers from the ship to the shore. Tenders are used when the harbour is not deep enough for the ship to dock


Frequently Asked Voltage on board

Please see the below information regarding the voltage onboard the Cruise Lines.


220v - 2 pin power outlets on board

APT 220v - 2 pin power outlets on board
Azamara 110v - 220v - 2 pin power outlets on board
Celebrity 110v - 220v - Dual power outlets on board
Cunard 220v - Dual power outlets on board
Emerald 220v - 2 pin power outlets on board
Fred Olsen 220v - 2 pin power outlets on board
Holland America 110v - 220v - 2 pin power outlets on board
Hurtigruten 220v - 2 pin power outlets on board
NCL 110v - 2 pin power outlets on board
Oceana 110v - 220v - 2 pin power outlets on board
Pandaw 220v - 2 pin power outlets on board

Arcadia (220v), Aurora (220v), Azura (230v), Britannia (230v), Oceana (220v), Oriana (220v) and Ventura (230v) - 2 pin power outlets onboard

Regent 110v - 220v - 2 pin power outlets on board
Saga 110v - 2 pin power outlets on board
Scenic 220v - 2 pin power outlets on board
Seabourn 110v - 220v - 2 pin power outlets on board
Silversea 110v - 220v - 2 pin power outlets on board
Star Clippers

Star Clipper (110v), Star Flyer (110v), Royal Clipper (220v) - 2 pin power outlets onboard

Swan 220v - 3 pin power outlets on board
Voyages to Antiquity 110v - 220v - 2 pin power outlets on board
Voyages of Discovery 110v - 220v - Dual power outlets on board
Uniworld 110v - 220v - 2 pin power outlets on board


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